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Eric Plott‘s insight:


Animal protein has no nutritional value and is excess protein for the human body to consume and digest. Animal protein is actually animal bacterias that is foreign to our natural human bacteria of our own and once meats are cooked all the live enzymes from the raw flesh from another being are all gone from the meat where the meat also becomes highly carcinogenic for us to even consume, just to mention in the fumes alone. Let alone when the rotting flesh of a dead corpse is passing through our digestive track promoting cancer growth by feeding cancer cells and many other foreign bacterias from puss mucus and blood from another being, even after its cooked. Besides it drives our white blood cells to react to often then it should causing wear and tare on our over all health and immunity defense reactions and drives it all way out of whack and out of control unnecessarily, every time its consumed just like all animal proteins that are very acidic foods, it makes our red blood cells stick together because they are trying to defend themselves and clear the path so our white blood cells can get to the foreign bacterias that are feeding cancer cells and other potential diseases and or sicknesses due to the acidity levels that make our immune system vulnerable for attack or growth for potential disease, this way our white blood cells can consume them down to size or down to almost nothing. Animal protein is totally unnecessary, First of all its way to acidic , theres no ph levels of alkaline that our body is always looking for over the acidity levels. Plus no fiber and no live minerals, then on top of all that it leaves mucus residues that not only feeds tumor tissue on contact within due time and build up all over inside the human anatomy, but especially leaving much plaque build up all in our arteries, and is the very reason why any meat and dairy is also the root stem to almost 90% of the worlds common and chronic diseases. All the way from the common cold to the flu to heart disease and most cancers. Its the very core and the root to what weakens the human immunity faster then anything else the human body has ever come in contact with.NEVER GOT ANY OF THESE ISSUES FROM CONSUMING ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THAT IS FULL OF LIVE ENZYMES, BIO PHOTON LIGHT ENERGY FROM THE SUN AND LOADED WITH NATURAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS ALONG WITH MUCH PLANT PROTEIN ABUNDANTLY!!! – Earth Man Consciousness

Eric Plott ~E.G.Plott~


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