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Eric Plott‘s insight:

THIS IS THAT VIDEO lol, I Have Not Seen This Particular Topic….Of Course There Are Just SOOO Many, It Would Rattle My Brain, Though It Is Good To Absorb AS MUCH As You Can On WHAT TO STAY Away From…Just As Important As What You Need To Know About, Knowing What Your Body Needs…I Would Say The Greatest Challenge We Have Is, STAYING AWAY From Things We Know Are REALLY BAD FOR US While Just Trying To Bring In As Much Of What We Know Is GOOD FOR US, Into Our Lives…No One Is Perfect And I Certainly cannot Even Say, Even As Healthy As I Seem, That I Am As Healthy As You Can Be…One Thing I Will Say, Is If You Want To Know How Have The Closest To A Perfect Diet; Go Back TO EDEN…What I Mean By That Is FIRST WATCH THIS FILM…Then I Want To Say This One Last Thing Here: "EAT RAW FRESH VEGGIES, FRUITS- AND NUTS When You Can And From As Many Wide Variations As You Can! Meaning- Don’t Just Hold Yourself To One Part Of The Rainbow, Experience All Colors Of The Rainbow- Eating This Way, Inquires And Stretches One To Eat From MANY DIFFERENT SOIL SITINGS AS POSSIBLE… The Main Issue We Are Having Is SOIL DEPLETION, So By Getting Just 75% Iodine Rich Soil From One Set Of Veggies Is Good Then Getting Other Variations From OTHER SIGHTINGS With 25% -70% IODINE RICH SOILS- You Can Acquire Perfect Blends Of The Nutrients Your Body Needs To Digest Properly"…See The MAIN REASONS WHY PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK RIGHT NOW, IS BECAUSE THE FOOD WE ARE EATING IS NOT GETTING PROPERLY DIGESTED, DUE TO LACK OF b12- And IODINE RICH SOILS- So THEN WE GET ON SUPPLEMENTS WHICH CAUSES A VERY DIFFERENT PROBLEM ON TOP OF THAT! We Need To Be Going To WHOLE-FOOD FORMS OF NUTRIENTS AND NOT BLANCHED FASHION VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS That Our Bodies Cannot Assimilate…Eating Things Such As The McRib, Just Shows You How Much People Really Just Don’t Care Anymore Anyways; Too Far Gone Is just A Phrase, YOU CAN TURN AROUND AND MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! …I Am Telling You Now, If You Were To Be Able To Digest And ASSIMILATE These Nutrients I Am Talking About, You WOULD ACTUALLY STORE UP THESE NUTRIENTS- LIVE ENZYMES- THAT ARE BIOAVAILABLE TO THE BODIES CELL STRUCTURE!!!…What This Would Do In LONG, Is Keep Your Body HEALTHY, STRONG, AND PRESERVED (Anti-Aging Even), While Eating Would Become A Seldom ACT!!! YES, Giving Your Body A Break From Digestion Would Be POSSIBLE WHEN HEALTHY…Some People Lived And THRIVED JUST FINE OFF OF MINERAL RICH WATER…Eating Three Square Meals A Day Is As Close To Gluttony As It Is Completely UNNECESSARY AND NON BENEFICIAL Overtime For The Human Body And This Is Why We Only LIVE TO BE A DURATION OF THE OPTIMUM CAPABLE AGE LIMITATION -Being 76 (Average Meat-Eater Life Span) to 90 years Old (Vegan Average Life Span). The Estimated Life Span Of A Human Being Is Actually Closer To Limitless Than One Would Think, If You Were To Take Up The Practice Of LESS Consumption Of Bulky Food, And MORE CONSUMPTION Of Nutrient Rich Whole Food Plants From Wild Crafted Organic BioSources, If You Would Be Able To REMOVE Environmental Factors Such As Smog, Fluoride/Industrial Waste From Water Systems, And Chemtrails As Well As The Radiation Running Rampant Right Now…You Would Find Yourself Living To The EXPECTED AGES OF 500-1000 Year Old Range. Our Bodies ARE CAPABLE OF THIS AND YES EVEN IN THIS LIFETIME. It Is All About finding QUALITY SOURCES THAT REMAIN IN THE UNTAPPED VARIOUS QUANTITY OF RESOURCES Provided To Us By Nature aka GOD- Yahweh In Front Of Us. ~E.G.Plott~ THIS IS THAT VIDEO __________________________________________________ This Is A Short I Wrote About A Real Experience I Had Been Filled With Awhile Back …It Was So Surreal And Awesome…Maybe You Will Read Or Relate…Since You Are An Author And All, Maybe You Would Enjoy This? ______________________________________________ YOU ROCK! I Am Proud To Hear That…Please Stay Persistant I AM ROOTING FOR YOU…But Know It Is IS IMPORTANT TO TAKE BABY STEPS…I Don’t Want To Overwhelm You With Where I Am At Or Where I Am Headed…I Can Only Tell You That It Is Feeling Good Going This Direction…The Less Followed Path Is Amazing, And Only YOU The Individual Will Be Able To Experience It And Shed Light On It…Not Everyone Will Accept Where You Are, So Instead ACCEPT Them For Where They Are, And Patiently Love Them No Matter What They Feel, And Tolerate Those Who Are Ignorant Or Bash Your Efforts Or Pursuits To Progress And Always Effectively Communicate How You Feel Or Your Insights On A Topic And Don’t Let Anyone Tell You To Do That…EVER. SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION. ~E.G.Plott~

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