Plott Family’s 1 Hr. Perfectional Workout w/ Moringa Genius Herbs in 30 Min. PLOTTPALMTREES.COM – YouTube

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The Plott Family Takes You On Their One Hour NON STOP – Rigorous Workout With Moringa Genius Herbs And Extract Drops- And Speed It Up Into A 30 Minute Video …

Eric Plott‘s insight:

The Plott Family Takes You On Their One Hour NON STOP – Rigorous Workout With Moringa Genius Herbs And Extract Drops- And Speed It Up Into A 30 Minute Video Segment- Just For Your Enjoyment And Earth Man Eric Plott Teaches Some Neat Techniques He Learned In Weight Training Classes And Nutritional Plant Knowledge Over The Years. Enjoy The Encouraging Motivational And PERFECTIONAL Family Workout…Please Share- Like And Enjoy…You Know We Love You.

† Best way to eat pure moringa ∆
The best "vehicle" to eat pure Moringa powder! Make an apple or pear "sandwich" with pure good Moringa!

Moringa is a "Mother’s Best Friend!"

LOOK WHAT IS BACK!!! YOU ROCK! It Will Be Freshly Squeezed For You When You Are Ready, – TROPICAL HUGS!!!!

I Will Hold Some Back For You- It Sells Off The Shelf- Like No Ones Business- For The bottles Are Also BPA FREE!
Would Anybody Like To Try Our New Moringa Juice Today? Please Let Me Know- We Have Caseloads And TRUST ME YOU WILL LOVE THE TASTE…This Might Be The First Health Drink EVER That Really Taste Amazing And REALLY IS GOOD FOR YOU…It Is A Meal In A Bottle And A Healer Out Of This World…The Medicine Drink That Takes Sports Drinks Out Of The Game…Try A Bottle For 7.99 Or 5x Bottles for 34.95…A FULL CASE Is 315.95 AND WORTH EVERY PENNY- To Keep The HEALTH In The Home With The HIGHNESS OF NUTRITION…Moringa King™ That Is…There Is A New King Of Nutrition…A Gift From Nature. Life From God.

‪#‎Made‬ by A Health Nut For A Health King Or Queen. The Drink Of Royalty
Eric and I have a good talk again while I open a box of the Moringa Products so he can explain to me what they are and how to take etc… good alternative cancer healing food!!! WATCH HERE:

Moringa has been clinically proven to increase the production of breast milk whether it is consumed before or after the birth of a baby. Mothers who took Moringa were shown to produce more than 2x the amount of breast milk than those who didn’t. We all know instinctively that breast milk is the ultimate food prescribed by nature for the infant child and Moringa can be instrumental in helping mothers produce more of this precious food. Healthy Mom, healthy baby!
One teaspoon of Moringa and see how the illustration gives us a quick glance at the power of one serving of Moringa! Scroll down……
Our bodies simply WANT to be healthy and they will do everything they can to adjust to your needs. How about allowing that to be even easier?

The powder is an excellent food supplement. It is beneficial to strengthen the immune system. Some countries give Moringa Powder to AIDS patients use to strengthen their immune systems.

• One tablespoon of powdered Moringa added to three meals a day for children from 6 months (porridge, sauces and vegetables) covers 42% of its protein needs, 310% vitamin A, 125% calcium, 41% potassium and 71% iron. Effective against malnutrition.

•Moringa powder is very beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

• Moringa powder helps to disinfect and heal wounds and minor burns.

USE: FOOD : Add a teaspoon of nature powder in the daily meal (drinks, vegetables, sauces, salads, dairy products).

MASSAGE: Add a tablespoon in an essential oil. Mix well and massage the painful parts.

POULTICE: Make a paste with the powder (4 teaspoons of water for one teaspoon of powder), apply to the painful area and cover with a sterilized bandage for 1 hour.

SKIN CONDITIONS: Apply the powder on the burn or wound. (External use only).

National Institute of Health (NIH):

The March 2008 issue of NIH Record praises Moringa oleifera and states that, "perhaps like no other single species, this plant has the potential to help reverse multiple major environmental problems and provide for many unmet human needs." —

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