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Shekinah Glory Story From Beyond The Veil "eBook For Sale Here"

Beyond The Veil By: William Tripp Sr. eBook $1.99 Download




 The Night Was Cool On This Past Mid-September Night, I Treaded Atop The Resilient Mother Nature-Grounds, Being Guided By The Gusty Invisible Wind, I Could Feel Every Part Of A Whisper In These unusual Breezes…And Since I See Palm Trees And A Bright Blue Moon, I Knew That I Could Venture Into The Unknown Moment Ahead, Even Though It Was Dark, The Light Was There To Tremble The Darkness Out…I Was Very Gracious As I Could Now Put Up My Country’s Flag Into The Ground…I Calculated The Precise And Approximate Proximity; Centering  My Tropic Ranch In The Upper South Full. The Swaying Of Palm Trees Went With The Melody Of The Winds Ever so Softly, Yet Fullness Worthy Of Breathing With Consciousness. The Center Piece Had The Spot, With Four And One Quarter Of Logs Around An Empty Site Of Soil And A Rock That Read In Chinese The Words, "Joy & Peace". 


 I Knew Immediately That This Was To Be The Location Where The Ole Glory Would Be Placed. Right Away I Could Feel The Enlightening Tingle Of An Natural Epiphany Being Worked Up Before Me…Digging This Hole Eighteen Inches Deep, I Fit The Placement Holder For The Telescope Flag In Place And Backfilled It As I Do When I Plot My Palm Trees Into The Ground, With Such Depth And Tight Hold; To Ensure No Falter In My Jewish And American Symbols Of Patriotism. The Most Historic Feeling Rose Throughout My Entire Body, As I Twisted And Turned The Poles Rods Upward In A Counterclockwise Motion, One Piece At A Time; Building Up And Tightening Each Rod With A Quick Turn To The Right….Yes, Soon Enough It Was Complete And The Damage Control Had Been Done Complete…

 I Felt Like I Turned On The Power Spiritually Within All The Land, For I Have Reclaimed This Distressed Land Once Called American The Beauty…And I Put My Right Hand Over My Heart And Recited The Pledge, I Once Would Mantra In Class While Growing Up As A Child, "I Pledge Allegiance To The American Flag, For Which It Stands, One Nation Under God (And The Moon Pulled Out Of The Clouds Ever So Brightly Than Before)…Indivisible Its Stands……With Liberty And Justice For All"… 

   Then In The Sudden I Felt Encouraged To Pull Away Am Make Certain That All Corners Of Angle Could See My Flag Wave Over 25 Feet Above The Trellis Of Sand-Bunker Filled Holding The Heart Of The Flag Up Straight And With Dignity It Stands Strong! As I Trotted To The Mailbox, I Could See The Flag Still And Continued To The Apple Tree; I Felt Again, A Very Strong And Mysterious Pull Away From The Centerpoint, heading Towards The Apple Tree. I Felt A Thoughtful Urge To Pick Apple From The Tree And I Place Them In My Shirt; The Green Apples Amounted To Just Under A Dozen…I Began Walking Around My Beach Oasis In The Near Front…And Was Again Pulled Away Once Again, Like Distant Resistance Of Gravity Towards This Ever So Clear And Succinct Moon.Towards The Lake I was Drawn Into, Looking Up Into This Enormous Daze Of Gorgeous Shattered And Cracked Clouds All Reminiscing To The Vibrant Rays Of Light Being Bestonth Beyond The Glistening Fall Night, Just Before The Harvest Moon. I Knew There Was Some Sort Of Connection Of A Much Higher Power That Was Wishing To Communicate…I Felt The Drastic And Vociferous Urge To Shout To The Heavens, And I Did Just That…I Yelled, " Adoshem! Elohim! What Is it! Do You Call On Me? I Know You Have Brought Me Out To This Reality, Similarities, You Are Breaking All The Illusions"…    This Is Real And So I Headed Just Before The Path And I Trembled Into The Ditch Just Between The Lake And The Street Cabernet…And Dropped All My Vivid Yellow-Green Apples Onto The Grass…And Landed Onto My Knees With My Head Bowed To The Creator…Full Awareness And Apprehension Was On My Lord Yeshuah’s Presence, As Well the Holy Spirit Was FULLY Attend.  I Asked What He Wanted Of Me, What My Purpose Was, And How This Life Was So Utterly Meaningless To Me; How No One Will Listen To The Message Of Truth And That They Refuse To Not Consume The Slaughter And The Poison That Is Bad For Them…I Repented Of My Sinful Endeavors And Asked For Grace And Mercy For All…I Prayed For The Planet, The World Around Me…That If Anything Is To Be Done, I Surrender To His Will And That My Desires Maybe Complete Amongst Them In One Equally Balanced Coherence. I Then Was Told To Look Up, So I Looked; And The Moon Had Completely Unveiled It’s Full Round Shape And As Bright As A Bulb In The Tesla Coil;  I Then Saw A Collective Soul With a Huge Light Beaming From The Moon Through The Clouds And Down Before Me And Onto The Lake…I Knew This Was An Extraordinary Experience Indeed And That I Had To Run And Write It All Down…But before I Could, My Muscle Completely Clinched Down And I Knew The Allah Above Wanted Me To Meditate To Him, So I Could Listen To what He Wanted Me Hear, So I Would Know What It Was That I Was Suppose To Do Next…And He Speaks, Ever So Intriguingly, And Softly; It Really Is Beautiful…For It Was Not With Verbal Words, But Rather With Acts Which We Can Hear Only When We Fully Delve Into 100% Faith….I Had Prayed For Protection And Guidance From Yahweh, Yeshuah Elyon, And The Holy Spirit Before I Did My Christ Centered Meditation, Which I Learned In My Beyond The Veil Studying, Which Was The Practicing Of Breathing In And Out With Counting To Four Then Repeating, While Calm, And Thoughtless; Only Listening To Yahweh And What He Is Telling You…His Breath Will Become Your Own And It Heals All Pain And Aches, Which I Later Noticed As All My Back Pains Had Been Relieved Completely. I Maintained Discipline Until I Felt Like A Pale That Had Been Filled Up With The Holy Living Water…

     This Was Truly The Most Remarkable Moment, I Have Had…I Let It Take The Best Of Me…As All Nature Bowed To My Hand And I Was Still Head To the Ground And Very Alit. A Quick Jolt Of LIfe Had Been Grasped By My Soul In This Tranquil Fervor….I Was Wholly, A Miracle Walking In The Crest Front Of My Living Father From Above…I Pierced Forward With Demand And Confidence That I Had Never Felt Quite To This Extreme…As I Walked Upon The Path In Front Of Me, Headed Back Towards My Home, I Was Gliding Like The Wind That Surrounded All Around Me….I Knew This Was Total Oneness With Yeshua Centeredness…And Was Very Symbolic For I Put Our Nation’s Symbols Of The Red, White, And Blue With The Fifty Stars Directly In The Center Of The Property Set Before Me… Yashuah Walked Right Beside Me And I Could See Into The Future And It Didn’t Matter, Because It Just Didn’t…So The Brotherhood Of Wisdom, Strength, And Dignity; The Angel Of The Temple Fly…I walked Through The Gate….I Was Reaching The higher State….The Righteous Passage….As I Made It To The Side Door, I Could See Our Flag Waving At Me Into The Nightglade Light…Overwhelming Power, Bound By The Rugged Cross…Which Was To My Left, Which Read "Tropical Missouri"…I Knew I Was In A Much More Sacred Land Than Just My Home…Did I Have The Right To Passage?…Have I Unlocked The Door Of Mystery?  I Asked Aloud, "Where Am I"…I Then Spread Some Sand Around More, And Took My Shirt Off To Hold The Apples Into As A Sachet…And I Watered The Tree Of Miracles, Which I Am Certain That The Leafs Are Mentioned In Revelations 22, As Being The Tree That Will Heal All Nations; So I Babied It Dearly With The Graviola Next To It…The Miracle Was In Being Birthed In The Pyramid Of Perfection And Christ Symbolism In His Perfect Law Of Universal Order…This Was My Greatest Night…Then Of Course I Saw A Frog, Which Always Reminds Me Of The Acronym "Fully Relied On God"…Why A Frog At This Moment, I Had Been Playing The Instrument Of Nature Like A Beautiful Melody, With The Cool Rough Harmony Of The Bugs In Ambience And The Orchestrated Winds Whipping Across All  That It Rubs Up Against….I Truly Live In Paradise, Right Where I Am…I Have The Easy Out, Because I Saw The Signs, And Never Said A Word; I Knew The Actions Were Something More Than You Could Even Put Into Words…This Is How I Knew I Lived In Memorable Significance At Every Second Of My Heart Beat….There Is No Better Feeling When The Cloud, Raining Over Your Head, Disappears…The Noise They say You Will Hear Is The Crashing Down Of Hollow Years. 
 Bury Me In The Sand, Walk Me Across The Water, Maybe I Will Understand; Once The Stone Is Lifted Off Your Shoulders…The Sound That We Will Hear Is The Trumpeting Of Delightful Ears…I Am So Truly Amazed By This Enigma, Which I Fully Understand, Simply Because I Cannot Fully Explain, Yet Don’t Question The Very Space I Was Taken That Night…And It Was My Dreams, Yet I was Fully Awake In My Dreams; And My Very Life Was Saved On This Very Night, As I Went In And Turned The Spigot On To Water Down Life, As I Was Carried Across The Shoreline…I Now Realize That Palm Trees Truly Do Symbolize That There Is An Oasis Up Ahead, With Water, Abundance, Plenty, Life, Manna, And Peace…But Most Importantly There Is Still That One Little Stone That I Was Crawling Under, It stills Says "Joy & Peace" Written In Chinese…I Found The Heaven On earth…Zion Was In My Backyard Of My Mind And Not In The Forefront Of My Feelings…My soul Lived In Accordance With Appreciation And Gratitude…To Live Each Day, As If It Were My Last…What then Fell Upon Me In Posterity Was Acceptance, Patience, Tolerance, And Effective Communication. LOVE. 

   These Are The Gifts Which I Recieved For My Obedience And Fear Of The Great Adonai Elohim. 
The Night, Just Before The harvest…The Early Harvest For The Righteous. The Righteous Shall Flourish Like The Palm Tree And Grow Like The Cedar Of Lebanon. – Psalms 92:12

I Now Must Bring In My Apples………….

And The Vesseled Clouds Swept Away Into The Eastbound Skies,

 Remaining Was The Moon Laying Back With Full Emptiness, 

And  There Still Stood The Flag.
Alone In The Dark. That Is The Power Of My Shekinah Glory Story.






Chapter 1

"Who Meditates?"

This Is Where You Can Pick Up On The Biblical References Found On MEDITATION.





This Is How Earth Man Eric Plott Does CHRIST CENTERED MEDITATION. – This Is Not New Age, This Is Old Age Judeo-Christian Practice.

Jesus Himself Did This On The Mount Of Olives While He Fasted For 40 Days And Nights. To Avoid Tempation From The Enemy. Yeshuah Elyon Meditated.

He Was Given This Gift From Yahweh- Adoniah, His Father; A Gift As Important As Prayer. Meditation Was LISTENING To The Father Elohim, While Prayer Was Asking Of Adoshem. 







Any Questions, To The Skeptical Christian Or Individual In General,

This Is The FAQ Of This Virtual Online Bible Study, Known As "Beyond The Veil With Earth Man Eric Plott"









The Journey Trailer, Come Along


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