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I Would Still Urge Your To Stick With The CCM Practice If you Are A Christ Follower, This Method Is VERY BIBLICAL And They Have Connected The Dots With History On How Yeshuah (Jesus) Actually Was On The Mount Of Olives And Fasted And Prayed For 40 Days; While He Did This He Also MEDITATED. He Taught Buddhist and Many Others How to Do This Breathing Technique. Buddha actually never meditated himself, but rather BUDDHIST Individuals later adapted the CHRIST’S Technique and used it as their own. Today unfortunately Christians have forgotten or left the Christ Following TOOL Behind. This very tool given to us by the son of God, was intended to be used for focusing on his father, healing, and for being productive to follow in his footsteps; to be healthy and strong minded enough to bear fruits so other men and woman would also follow along. To be a fisher of men and pursue your dreams is no easy feat and it takes a truly strong-will individual to conquer God’s desired plan for your life. Please check it out, I only wish to help you, this is not an evil practice or attempt to steal your soul. By Praying to the one Savior above and the Holy spirit for protection and guidance from evil spirits, you literally have NOTHING TO FEAR. Just pick a verse or phrase of hope dedicated to God YAHWEH, adoshem Elohim and Stay still, focused on non movement, and count your breathes like so; 1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4…ETC.

Do this for 15 minutes a day as often as you need. You will see the one true God and might even show you inside of heaven. The longer duration you can acquire the more of a solid and real connection you will have with the creator and this is the missing link MOST ALL CHRISTIANS have lost; it is called DEVELOPING A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CREATOR FAITHFULLY SO YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT AND GROW SPIRITUALLY WHILE ON EARTH!

You Thought God Just Wanted You To Sit Stagnate Until He Came Back? His Father Will Judge Us, But Further More, Yeshuah Elyon Will Ask You, "What Did You Manage To Do With My Name, While You Were On Earth?"

I hope you will respond that you heard him while you were on Earth and you followed through, as a good and faithful Christ-Following Servant Should. You know the first JUDEO-CHRISTIANS did this very Christ-Centered Meditation don’t you? Yep, It was them, not the buddhist or hindus…It Was The True Christ Followers.

"The Righteous Will Flourish Like The Palm Tree And Grow Like the Cedar Of Lebanon" -Psalms 92:12  (The Complete Jewish Bible)





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