RISE-N-SHINE MORNING JUICIE       I LOOOOOVE this drink! OMG. I call it a Juicie because it’s not really a juice nor would I say it’s a true smoothie… it’s some

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I LOOOOOVE this drink! OMG. I call it a Juicie because it’s not really a juice nor would I say it’s a true smoothie… it’s somewhere between the two. THIS is the drink that convinced my niece and nephew, green drinks = YUM. In fact, it works really well in a sippy cup, so what are you waiting for? Whip this up for the kidsBUT don’t forget to save some for yourself… and in the event that you have leftovers, it freezes quite nicely!


The juice of 4 large or 6 small orangesThe juice of 2 large or 4 small limes1 peeled, pre-chopped & FROZEN organic cucumber1 bunch organic flat leafed Italian parsley1 bunch organic cilantro1/2 cup aloe vera juice… btw I ONLY use George’s by Warren Labs… zero additives or preservatives. AMAZING.1 large FROZEN organic banana or 2 small ones


I do a little prepping for this drink as I don’t want to have to use ice so, I like to freeze my banana(s) and cucumber (which I peel and chop before freezing) the night before.

I also pre-wash all my greens the night before. In the morning, juice your oranges and limes (I just juice mine on an old fashioned glass hand juicer). Pour the juice into your blender. Add the cleaned parsley & cilantro to the juice in the blender and blend.

Then add your frozen cucumber, frozen banana(s) and aloe vera juice to your mixture in the blender. Blend again until everything is nice and smooth.

You are looking for a thinner consistency, closer to a juice rather than a smoothie… if it seems too thick, I just add more aloe vera juice. Also, depending on the size of your blender, you may want to halve this recipe. I make this in the large Vita-Mix container which is quite a bit larger than some of the other brands.


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