….And More TESTIMONIALS- True Story…Sorry Doctors ~E.G.Plott~

Post by Eric Plott. GOOD NEWS FOR AUTISM:Cindy Mohammed Abril  24 minutes ago · Like · 1 My son has autism and takes moringa  amazingHe would chew his fingers t

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My son has autism and takes moringa amazing
He would chew his fingers till they started bleeding.that stopped he just started changing bring more present since moringa absorbs so well in the body and you can get most of your vitaminsthrough that mix with a good diet he went from moderate autism to high functioning he could not use his hands he had no strength but 2yrs later writing he is on a dairy free gluten free no sugar diet and we use no chemicals on him or at home.But 2months after moringa the chewing of his hands stopped which is caused by anxiety. Thanks Eric Plott & PlottPalmTree.Miiduu.Com


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