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There Someone Finally Said It.


"ZIJA IS A PYRAMID SCHEME BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A PRODUCT" This Man Makes A Great Point, Actually, That Might Get Overlooked; Let Me indulge In The "ZIJA SCAM BOARD", Which In Looking For If ZIJA Was A Scam Or Fraud Company, I Found THOUSANDS Of Upset Distrubutors And Customers That Were Actually Getting Sicker Instead Of Better In Health upon Taking This "DRUG"…I Say Drug, Because I probably know more about not only this PLANT, but also Conventional Moringa And Organic Regulation Practices. I Have taken A Snap shot Of The INGREDIENTS List From Zija Product, Which Claims To Be ALL NATURAL, the Problem With This Word And how This Mr. Doctor BIANCI Is Using This Word Are Two Different Double-Speaks, Next To How He Also Uses The WORD PROPRIETARY Wrongly As Well. I Believe He Just Wants To Use Nice Big Fancy Words, Without Actually Following Through With The MEANING BEHIND THE WORK OF THE WORD!…How So? Well For Instance ALL-NATURAL Means, All Natural AND ONLY THAT, Nothing Added- No Additives. Well, Clearly There Is AT LEAST 15 ADDITIVES In Their Moringa, In Which They Do Claim That MORINGA LEAF, SEED CAKE, AND FRUIT Is All In Their Product. However, Seed Cake Is The LEFT OVER REMAINS FROM THE OIL THEY JUST SQUEEZED OUT OF IT, If You Want The Health Properties Of The Moringa SEED, You Would Need To USE THE ENTIRE SEED, So They Have Just Used The REMAINS-KERNAL AS A Means To Make a "NICE SOUNDING FILLER"…Which Is Very Decietful To Say The Least, Being I Am Also Deemed As A MORINGA PLANT EXPERT, I Know I Am Also Always Getting Compared To Dr.Bianci And Dr.Plant; However There Is NOT AN ASSOCIATION. I  Will Also State That I Had A Meeting Online With Them both Through TOP Sponsors Of ZIJA, In Which They Wanted To RECRUIT Me To The Top, They Have MR.ERIC PLOTT on The Blacklist, In Fact I Will post What They Are saying to others to fear monger them away from the TRUTH found In PLOTTPALMTREES.COM. The Truth Is Really Simple, How Can You Knock The FARMER GROWER Of The WILD CRAFT (Meaning NON TAMPERED- Non SPRAYED- NON CHEMICALLY FED FERTILIZERS OR PESTICIDES) Version Of The REAL HEIRLOOM ORGANIC MORINGA! That Is Like Saying You Love TOMATOES, Only If It Comes From V8 (The Vegetable Juice Brand) And Not The Actual Tomatoe Found In Nature. I Recently Had To Tell A Woman, Who Complained That She Liked The Zija Speed Drug Over Our REAL ALL NATURAL TRUE ORGANIC MORINGA, I Said, "YOU DO NOT LIKE MORINGA, Because You Like The Stimulant Fillers Found In Zija, So You Don’t Even Know What MORINGA IS; You Will Never Reap The HONEST HEALING Benefits And Health Advantages Of This Miracle Tree". Next He Uses the Word Proprietary And That MEANS FRESHLY HARVESTED And Sent To You, Like We Do; However That Is IMPOSSIBLE AND FRAUD CLAIM, See He Puts In Sick Packs And Teabags ETC, Then Places them In Boxes To Be Sent On The Shelf. Did You Know There Are Several PRESERVATIVES AND FILLERS THAT ARE MENTIONED IN THE INGREDIENTS. Okay, So Look Also At How There Are About 15 Added Things In This List, And Only 13 Grams in A Packet…When I Was Asked To Be Recorded Live With DR.BIANCI, I Was Turned Down And I HAVE THE SNAP SHOT Proof, Which I Will Also Produce Online Here Soon. They Decided Suddenly TO CANCEL THE INTERVIEW SESSION, When I Was Going To Ask them one Simple Question, Which Was, "If Your Moringa Stick Packs Contain 13 Grams Of Powder And Your 6oz Cans Of of liquid zija contains over 15 over additives; precisely HOW MUCH MORINGA Is actually in your product?" Still To This Day, I Have not Had A SINGLE Representative answer me this question, let alone the OWNER AND HEAD FORMULATOR. The Truth is this mad-man scientist Dr.Bianci, the Blend Formulator; has only patented a NUTRACEUTICAL DRUG out Of Moringa with DMAA And Epherdra Nevadensis, Ephedra is an herb. Usually, the branches and tops are used to make medicine, but the root or whole plant can also be used. Ephedra is banned in the U.S. due to safety concerns. READ MORE ABOUT THIS HERE: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-847-ephedra.aspx?activeingredientid=847&activeingredientname=ephedra Mormon tea and ephedra are often confused. Mormon tea or American ephedra comes from Ephedra nevadensis, and ephedra or ma huang comes primarily from Ephedra sinica. Mormon tea lacks the chemicals (notably ephedrine) that give ephedra its effects and potentially serious side effects. Ephedra is used for weight loss and obesity and to enhance athletic performance. It is also used for allergies and hay fever; nasal congestion; and respiratory tract conditions such as bronchospasm, asthma, and bronchitis. It is also used for colds, flu, swine flu, fever, chills, headache, inability to sweat, joint and bone pain, and as a “water pill” to increase urine flow in people who retain fluids. There has been a lot of debate about the safety of ephedra and legal wrangling over its status. In June 1997, the FDA proposed restrictions on the ephedrine content of dietary supplements, new warning labels for products that contain the active ingredients in ephedra, and a ban on combination products containing ephedra and other natural stimulants, such as guarana and cola nut, both of which contain significant amounts of caffeine. These proposals were dropped after the link between ephedra use and serious adverse effects was challenged by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and the dietary supplement industry. According to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, FDA must prove a supplement is unsafe before it can be withdrawn from the market. The FDA reviewed numerous adverse event reports involving ephedra-containing products, with 140 of the reports receiving in-depth clinical review by FDA and outside experts. Findings from experts outside the FDA support the FDA’s initial finding that ephedra is likely the cause of many of the events noted in the reports.  Green Tea Extract ( MORE STIMULANTS! Caffeine),  •Moringa Seed Cake: This would be USEFUL, if and ONLY IF, this was from the WHOLEFOOD SEED And not the remains after they squeeze their heavily filler-induced moringa oil; they give you the left-overs; as if you would be impressed, and you shouldn’t be.  •Moringa Fruit Powder: this would be useful if the product was actually a proprietary harvested PRODUCE, fresh and beneficial to the body; however sad news, it isn’t…  •Ginseng & Garlic (Are They Also NON SPRAYED AND ORGANIC?) • Pure Cane SUGAR IS NO LONGER USED IN ZIJA PRODUCTS, They Saved Money And Switched To STEVIA, Which has Disappointed MANY Zija users, most make the switch safely over to the better brand called "MORINGA KING™ From PlottPalmTrees.Com"  •Mango Flavoring (Why Water Down The Moringa More?)…Natural Caffeine (more Stimulants, how Is This Safe For People On Medications? Oh it Isn’t NATURAL!)  •Citric Acid (Really From Like Extracts And More Sprayed Blanched Supplements?),  Fruit Pectic (Oh Like Ethylene Sprayed Pectin From Apples…Hmmm),  Agar ( agar-agar is a seaweed extract that is benign to the human system even if it is ingested straight. Yes stay away from over processed foods. Eat more often how our bodies have been genetically trained to eat over thousands of years. USE COMMON SENSE! READ MORE DANGERS ON THIS PRESERVATIVE HERE: http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/9987/1/Dangers-of-Food-Additives-and-Preservatives.html?),  Silica (Funny, Didn’t They Know Moringa Already Had Silica And Selenium Naturally Occuring In It From WHOLEFOOD FORM! My God, I Thought They Were Experts On This Plant) Stearic Acid MORE PRESERVATIVES!…And Moringa Fruit Powder is just A nice Way To SAY FILLER, Since They ARE NOT FRESH! Hence LEGALLY THEY SHOULD NOT EVEN UTTER THE WORDS PROPRIETARY BLEND AT ALL! So To Jump To A Smooth Conclusion Here, This Flim Flam Scam MLM Giant With D- minus Report According To the Better Business Bureau, could be spot-on with the fact that it is one thing to have a good product that makes a lot of money, but a totally different thing when you consider that PRODUCE Is a different word than product and I Believe this man, as well as his Crooked Cronies all at the top; made all their money off the fools at the BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID, Don’t You Want to Be at The TOP Of THE PYRAMID With Knowledge? We Help Empower You With The Perfectional Pyramid; Help Us, Help You; Make The Dream come True. You Can Empower Yourself, By Getting The REAL DEAL MORINGA Which Everyone is talking highly of on this end. If I had just remotely as many complaints as Zija, I Would have thought of resigning a long time ago; however, to be honest I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT Since We Have Been Growing And Dealing The REAL ORGANIC FRESH ALL WILD-CRAFT PROPRIETARY VERSION Of Moringa And No, Not ZIJA! Funny Thing Is I Would Have Been happy To Deal Their Product, However; They Could not ANSWER MY ONE SINGLE QUESTION, "HOW MUCH MORINGA IS ACTUALLY IN YOUR PRODUCT?" That  Leaves Them In The Dust…With Zija, You Might As Well Be Eating RUST; Moringa King Is The BEST! With Moringa King™ You Are Getting the Best Found in Nature!I Believe Those Who Accept ONLY THE BEST, Often Only Get The Best!My Name Is ~ERIC GEOFFREY VON LEONARD PLOTT~

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  1. Thank you! Zija smart mix made me so sick and the distributor who is also a so called (self promoted) Prophet of God named Gina Guy Warren told me that it was 100% organic moringa and my violently sick reaction was due to using it with prescription medications. Finally after much persuasion by this woman and her husband Brian Warren I tried it again with no meds and got violently ill again. Distributors should not say that no one should be allergic to this crap! It is dangerous to the consumer. ALL ingredients should be listed.

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