REAL ORGANIC TRUE ALL NATURAL AUTHENTIC WILD CRAFTED EMPYREAN Pure Integrity Verified The Healthiest Most Nutritional Challenge In The World Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval brings to the world one of the highest quality standards in the industry. MISSION Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval brings to the world one of the highest quality standards in the industry. The Pure Integrity Verified seal of approval, is the household name for organic products so you don’t have to wo…


ALOHA Thanks For The Add- I Am A HUGE FAN! Please Can You Help Me?
† ATTENTION PLEASE HELP- SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD- PLEASE VOTE FOR US – TAKES 2 SECS LITERALLY- And For A Grand CAUSE! PLEASE HELP ME OUT FRIENDS AND FAMILY- Attention, Please. Will You Help Me By VOTING For PlottPalmTrees.Com On Chase Mission Main Grants: If I Can Get 250 VOTES- I Can Win And Start Employing More People To Work At PLOTTPALMTREES.COM…
Our Mission Is To Bring The NUMBER#1 Quality Retail Products At The Highest Quantity While Committing To The Best Customer Service On Our End And Resulting In 100% Customer Satisfaction As Our Guarantee. PLOTTPALMTREES.COM
VOTE HERE: †∆†∆†
†∆∆ Grant My Apology To ANDREA L.COX & Help Us Chase The Word On Rite To Passage †∆†
As the admin of Conscious Awareness, I don’t ask for many things; but I AM asking for your help right now. Not for me, but for a friend and fellow truther. His name is Eric Plott and he runs a small local business called Plott Palm Trees. Don’t let the name fool you. The family-owned and operated business is about more than exotic foliage. He sells LEGITIMATE health and wellness products (things like MORINGA, SOURSOP, etc.), and not only EDUCATES people on their uses, but also on ALL aspects of the truther spectrum via his numerous Facebook and Scribd pages and orginal websites. Plott is a researcher who has studied at both Harvard University and Cornell University. The dude is legit, and I will PERSONALLY vouch for him.
Eric has applied for a grant from Chase Bank. He only needs 250 votes in order to get his business in front of the decision-makers for the contest. If those decision-makers choose him as one of the 20 winning recipients, he will receive $150,000 USD (which is a MIND-BLOWING amount of money!), a Google Chromebook, $2,000 USD in vouchers for a market research study and a trip to Google HQ to attend a workshop alongside other small business owners.
All it takes is 2 clicks. Click this link, then click the "VOTE NOW" button once the page loads. Literally, 5-10 seconds of your time could change COUNTLESS lives for the better.
(NOTE: There appears to be a problem with the java script on the voting page. When you click "VOTE NOW," it looks like nothing happens. But your vote IS counted and it takes the server a few minutes to refresh and reflect it).
Please VOTE and SHARE! 250 votes is all it takes! Thank you!
PlottPalmTrees.Com Sole Proprietor in Tropical MO Retailers
∆Our Mission Is To Bring The NUMBER#1 Quality Retail Products At The Highest Quantity While Committing To The Best Customer Service On Our End And Resulting In 100% Customer Satisfaction As Our Guarantee. PLOTTPALMTREES.COM
We Aren’t Necessarily About Being The Biggest Business In The World, but The Best Business for The World.
Offering The #1 Quality Cut Wild-Crafted Organic Produce In Superfood And products Known Online
And Locally In The Nation. We Are Only A Small Business, However People Are Saying,
"You Can’t Grow Wrong At PlottPalmTrees.Com".
Our Word-Of-Mouth Based Audience, Has Created A Overnight Sensation Network Of Faithful Consumers; Also Friends. Our Cornered Market Has Been Strategically Devised By Creative Minds To Eliminate All Forms Of Competition. Making Us Number 1 By Default And Progressing Our Overall Performance As A Steadily Growing Overnight Success Story. We Are The First To Bring Thriving Palm Trees And Other Exotics To The Midwest, As A Landscaping Company. Plott’s Persistent Efforts To Enhance, While Expand The Online Retailing Business is Entirely Unique enough but simple for the world to understand, making this a perfect choice for investing in the future of America…
I Was Inspired By Failure, Knowing That As Long As I Never Gave Up, I Would Always Be A Success. With My Losses In Life, I Achieved Things Like Getting Accepted Into Harvard University; Even Though I Had To Work Hard To Overcome Challenges, I stayed Consistent. This Got Me On The News Locally For My New Spark Of Endeavors, Which Was Exciting To See People Were Interested In My Fresh Ideas. I Won Four Awards For Idea & A Film Festival For My Entrepreneurial Efforts.
The Manifestation Of My Dreams To Create A Business That Was "One Of A Kind", With Bringing Palm Trees And Tropical Landscape To Climates Where They Usually Do Not Reside, Transmuted Into A Life Where Everyday I could Wake Up, Not Only In My Dream; But In The Reality That Daily I Was Helping People Save Their Life. WE DO THIS TOGETHER. One Person At A Time.
Success Is A Journey And Not A Destination.
My Greatest Achievement Today, Is Simply Waking Up; Knowing I Am Doing The Right Thing And The Rest Follows.
At Plott Palm Trees We Serve The Local And World-Wide Community. Our Mission Is To Give Back To All Communities Large And Small With Contributing And Buying Other Resourced Products To Allow The Better Quality Services To All Incomes At Reasonable Pricing. We Can Do This By Hiring More People So We Stir Up The Economy In A Great Way, By Giving Good jobs With A Good Produce, We Believe That Is The BEST Ingredient For Success And Wealth.
We Believe That Those Who Look For The Best Often Are The Only Ones Who Will Find It. We Are The Best In The Retail Wholefood Business. We Wish To Source Our Best Service And Produce To all Those Who Are Local And Be Able To Ship Internationally At Very Affordable Prices. This Way We Can Introduce The Importance Of Health In The Affluent And Third-World Nations At A Very Possible And Realistic Manner. We Take A Stand That Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth. Come Save The World Together With Us, Be Healthy & Wealthy At The Same Time.
Being Granted This Rite Of Passage Would Allow Enough Funds To Help BIG Business And Smaller Community Based Businesses Grow; Our Economical Affairs Would Specify The Following If Given This Gracious Opportunity:
• More Jobs
• More Healthy Choices
• Utilizing The Finances Consciously To Ensure They Do not Go To Waste, By Investing In Frugal, Yet Prosperous Decisions That May seem Risky; Yet Promising.
We Do This By Making Sound Actions That Only can Benefit Us In The End, Leading The Market In Confident And Healthy Life Changes That Will Build Relationships, Trust, Ethics, Honesty, And Reliable 100% Satisfied Business Customers who Are Willing And Open To Spread The Word About Our One-Of A Kind Experience That We Offer To All People in The World.
• More Marketing Campaigns To Reach A New Wide Audience; New, Because We Will Help Educate Our Network on Our Products Of Service.
• Greater Equipment Bought From Only The Best Industries In The Business Would Be Necessary To Prolong.†
My Mission Is To Save The World With Information, Produce, And Love. In Just Two Years I Could Really Take Off Much Further Than I Could Ever Imagine On My Own Within Even Ten years On My Own. I Would Say Receiving Such a Prominent Grant Would Greatly Contribute To My Constant Efforts To CREATE A DEMAND ON HEALTH. I Believe We Are The "First And Only" In Many Areas And We Would Only Continue To Raise The Bar on Being The World Which We Wish To Change. We Consent To Be This Sway Of Good Hope In The Paradigm, Gift That Keeps Giving.
Plott Palm Trees Commits Fully To Make It All Happen And Live Up To Our Words; We Will Stop at Nothing To Strive For Perfection. We Want This Act To Be A Habit Of Excellence That All Can Live By And Cultivate. This Grant Will Ultimately Help Us Empower The People With Grand Knowledge of Love & Greatness.
Help Me, Help You; Make Our Dreams come True.
I Believe, "A Boy Makes Excuses And A Man Makes Change"
(A Girl Makes excuses And A Woman Makes Change.
~Eric Geoffrey Von Leonard Plott~
Protective measures will prevent costly disasters.

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