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The organic food is natural, without pesticides, from clean environment, and therefore is more expensive.

But does it worth the effort to find the organic food in the stores and are we getting the value for the large prices paid for these products? Are kitchen full of organic food will contribute to better health of our family, and of course – will it help us to get rid of the excess weight?

Is the organic food more nutritious?

Most studies show that the nutritional value of organic food and non-organic food is equal, not completely,

but is very similar. Then there is the question : why to go for the organic products?

If we consider the hormones and the antibiotics in beef and chicken as well as eggs and the dairy products, certainly a better option are the organic products. Although the regular products are considered safe, on us is to decide what to enter in our body. More expensive organic food products or search for dairy products and eggs from village (country side) that have only natural products will pay off ultimately and will positively affect our health. HOWEVER, I DO NOT ADVOCATE ANIMAL CONSUMPTION, I mention this to you, due to the fact most of you WILL NOT Change your diet habits anyways, the Meat, Dairy And Egg Diet IS VERY DANGEROUS IN ANY FORM! That Is To Be Understood Here.


organic food

Post by Eric Plott.

As for the fruits and the vegetables you should pay attention to products with thinner crust as apples, tomatoes, peppers, etc. in which pesticides can penetrate because of the thin porous coating. For the fruits and vegetables that don’t have a thinner crust or you peel it before eating as bananas, oranges, potatoes, the choice is up to you.

The processed products that carry the organic food label are not healthier than the ordinary. Cakes, cookies and pastry products, etc. labeled organic still have the same calories, fat and not enough nutrients as the non-organic products. If you like consume them, but don’t be confused about their nutritional composition.


Besides the search for organic food products on the shelves of the major supermarkets or specialized shops for this purpose (which can be quite expensive), another good choice is food that is grown locally from private producers. Although often there is no evidence that is 100% organic, you may simply gather information about its origin and method of cultivation, so everyone can judge whether it’s ok or not. Just have to ask the producers. Of course, you need to study well and to find trustworthy people(farmers) who will really sell clean and healthy food. This usually can’t be found in the markets, but in the suburbs or the countryside (the further, the better), by recommendations from friends and acquaintances. What is most interesting is that the prices of such products are often lower than the prices of the consumer products in stores. Cheaper and better – worth to exert little effort and research, right?

organic food

One simple rule to follow is to choose organic, natural products for the food that you consume the most – egg. cheese, eggs, milk? Don’t be alarmed if you don’t have always on hand a better version of the same product. And the products in the stores will do the job too, yet they are considered safe for consumption. It remains for each of us alone to assess exactly how much and what is safe and what is best for our health and the health of our families. Perhaps consider apply or adapting a Vegan livit today, it actually is much more affordable when you consider the savings of Medical bills due to the Health Advantages of Veganism and NOT VEGETARIAN. We Are primarily talking about that diet left in the dark corner of reality called Vegan, where there is ABSOLUTELY NO Consumption of MEAT, DAIRY OR EGGS; not even Free-Ranged, Organic Raw Milk, Or Grass0fed Meat…Etc.

Doctors are even beginning to prescribe the Vegan diet, See below?


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