Complex™ Moringa Blend (Leaves, Stems, Flower Blossoms, Seeds, Pods) RICH

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This is The COMPLEX: Hi Ryan, Hope All is well I will be as succinct as possible here and let you know that you can find all the info constantly being updated out on our ebay page found here with Dosing on all MoringaSOP produce Soursop+Moringa Blends All Fresh Propriety With that said, I am thinking about Ryder and love his strength, he is a persistant warrior. Lets kick this cancer’s butt! MORINGASOP PRODUCE- CLICK OPTIONS TO FIND THE CAPSULES HERE: $199.95 You have chosen: "Moringa FREEZe™ Vegan Caps" $224.95 You have chosen: "MoringaSOP FREEZe™ Vegan Caps" MORINGASOP PRODUCE- CLICK OPTIONS TO FIND THE POWDER HERE: Dose Instructions: MORINGASOP PART 2 Direction ~E.G.PLOTTPALMTREES.COM PS: I can always do invoice and you can just pay with info that way. Completely up to you, I Just need to know which amount of the caps you were wanting here. POWDERS ALONE: • 124.95 PER POUND OF MORINGA FREEZE •Moringa 100% Leaf Powder – 99.95 •MoringaSOP Pound = 124.95 •Trio Blend (soursop+Moringa Leaf+Freeze Dried/Complex) POUND = 149.95 •QUADRUPLEX FREEZE- POUND (Soursop+Moringa Leaf+MoringaCOMPLEX + Freeze Dried= 174.95 Seller Notes: “NEW DEAL: Buy TWO GET ONE FREE On Sale Shipping- FREE SUPER POWER BLEND INCLUDED:~E.G.PLOTT~FRESHLY HARVESTED- Propriety AAA+++ QUALITY CUT Moringa Leaves- COMBINED PERFECTLY WITH SOURSOP LEAVES/BARK. We Have Complex And Quadruplex Blends Also Available As Well AS RAW ACAI, MANGOSTEEN FRUIT AND SOURSOP- DURIAN AND OTHER SUPERFOOD VARIETIES…100% Wildcrafted RAW POWDERED FORM- Ask About Our Capsule Or Other Produce At CONTACT. If You Have Any Other Questions Please Contact Plott Palm Trees On Our Website With Our TOLL FREE 1800 NUMBER IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ABOUT PROTOCOL OR PRACTICE WITH DOSAGES.” Brand: Moringa KING Expiration Date: 2020 Purpose: SAVE LIVES Country/Region of Manufacture: United States Formulation:

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