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Six months ago I went to go get a physical. Occasionally I was out of breath, and as soon as I mentioned something about it, my husband really wanted me to see the doc. Of course on the day of, Matt and Ashley decided they had to come along with mommy…

(Matt is my 10 year old son, and Ashley is my 6 year old daughter).

The whole way there, they were spouting the things that children love to spout. 
"You’re not dying, right mommy"
"No, I’m just fine"
"But, you smoke"
A phrase I was becoming more and more familiar with. It’s amazing how smart a 6 year old girl can be sometimes. Ah, the life of a six year old…why would Ashley ever need to smoke? She doesn’t have the stresses of my life. Anyway, getting a little lost there. The doctor was a bit concerned with my chest pains, and short breath, so he orders some x-rays. I might add that I waited for probably an hour to get to the x-ray room. Why did my children have to come with me again? Matt was entertaining though, he’s so curious of everything around him. He kept asking the waiting room nurses silly questions. "What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in here?" "Did you ever see anyone die?""I bet this place is haunted, isn’t it?" I laughed to myself, I’ll let the nurse handle his hyperactive ADD behavior for a little bit. The doc called me into the x-ray room, and a few minutes later had the pictures of my insides up on wall. He pointed out the darkened areas in my lungs, "This is from the years of smoking" he said. I felt just a bit of regret, and I was thinking about why I put these poisons from cigarettes in my body, Matt shouts "It looks like Mike, from Monster Inc. That blue, one eyed monster" And I must admit, the tar built up patterns in my lung did bare a slight resemblance to that monster. "You got a monster in you, mom." Ashley yelled. The doctor just chuckled to himself, and looked at me. I learned that nothing was seriously wrong, but the doc told me that I really should quit smoking before something does end up causing "life threatening issues."

During the drive home from the doctor’s I would have normally smoked, several cigarettes. It’s at least a 30 minute drive, but that day I only had one, and started to really think about my life. How my kids are still young, and how much they mean to me. Of course these thoughts were while the sound track of Disney’s Frozen was on in the back ground, geeze Ashley really loves that movie. But I still really thought hard. We got home, and I dumped the kids off on Jack, (haha) my husband, and I hopped on the computer. Pulled up google, and searched what I had attempted a few times in the past. How to quit smoking. I read through a few ways, but nothing really struck me until I found this. I really just wanted to suggest it to you, because you might be looking to stop too.

 I chose to use Moringa after hearing Eric Plott’s Story/testimony on how it helped him overcome major depression, anxiety, ADD, Bipolar, and his alcohol and drug/ smoking addictions. I felt hopeful to try his diet life and adapt it as my own and really listen to this young man who knows an enclecopedia of information on Health and Moringa. So, I use  the moringa and….

I got it, and I’m writing this about 6 months later, and I haven’t had a cigarette in 142 days. Ah…such nice words to type. I could tell you how easy it was, and go on and on about how many other things I’ve tried, but with smoking I think we all understand what most of us have gone through. Oh! I’ve got another doctor’s appointment coming up too, and I’m excited to see if the monster in my lungs have disappeared too! 

Thanks a lot Eric Plott!

~ Marilynn Sterling

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