Moringa Tree Information By Dr. Earth Man Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott From Tropical Columbia Missouri ZONE 6a PLOTTPALMTREES.COM Aloha! my name is Eric Plott & I love learning new things about health supplements and as I was researching the different types of vitamins, I stumbled across the one vitamin supplement that is called,”The most nutritious plant on the earth”. I had to continue studying & this is what I found. Moringa Leafs Cure For Macular Degeneration Macular degeneration is kind of medical condition and it is found in elderly adult which is inner lining comes to center in the eye. This part is called macula area of the retina which suffers thinning during macular degeneration; in some cases of macular degeneration bleeding also occurs. This problem can cause the loss of central vision, which further creates inability for a person to read, see fine details and even sometimes recognize faces. Study for the age related disease of eyes showed that a combination to a certain level of beta carotene, vitamin-C, vitamin-E and zinc can help to remove the chances of macular degeneration about 20% to an advance level for the patients who have significant form of disease earlier. This combination can be made by Moringa leafs, since these leafs contain more then 90 nutrients and about 46 antioxidants. Moringa leafs contain all of the necessary vitamin, macro and micro minerals that is required to enhance the function of the cells of eyes. This advantage of Moringa leafs has widely been reported from almost every patient. Apart from these antioxidants, these leafs also contain different nutrients which are required to heal macular degeneration and these can be supplemented to any of its patient. These leafs can be supplemented in the form of capsules which can be taken by any of the patient suffering from this type of age disease without disturbing his daily diet plan. Moringa Leafs A Cure For Diabetes Patient Diabetes mellitus is a kind of syndrome which is characterized by the disorder of metabolism and the high level of sugar present in the human body. This abnormal level of sugar may be due to insufficient level of hormone insulins and different nutrients and vitamins get reduced in the body. The best way to get all of the important nutrients and vitamins which have lost due to diabetes is to eat a heavy diet of raw fruits and vegetables or to provide the supplements which contain all necessary vitamins and nutrients which the body needs to function properly in diabetes mellitus. The nutritional density of Moringa leafs are regarded to consider as Elixis Tree or the most nutritious and energetic food of the nature. The nutrients in the Moringa leafs are reported to cure more the three hundred diseases including diabetes. Moringa leafs contain more antioxidants then a green leaf; it has more than 46 antioxidants. Some researchers in London reported that vitamin D is very essential for the islet cells which are present in pancreas which helps the body to properly secrete insulin. Different research has shown that the level of vitamin D gets to the lowest point in blood sugar handling problems in diabetes which can be so much dangerous for the human body. But Moringa leafs become the proper supplement of vitamin D and filled with ascorbic acid which helps in proper insulin secretion. It is very interesting to know that certain vitamins like B1, B2, and B12, vitamin-C, protein and potassium along with some subsequent diet containing carbohydrates can actually enhance the production of insulin in the human body. There is another antioxidant known as vitamin-A present in Moringa leafs, which helps the diabetic patient to reduce the risk of blindness. The availability of vitamin B12 these leafs helps to treat diabetic neuropathy and high availability of vitamin-c helps to prevent sorbitol accumulation of proteins, which may becomes the most important factor in development of the heavy diabetes complication known as cataracts.Ar


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