Moringa Tree Information PART 2

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This Is A True Story About A Family Who Had Two Poor Young Boys That Both Developed A Life-Long Skin Disorder That Doctors Said They Would Have To Live With The Rest Of Their Life And There Was No Hope For Them. They Were Both Vaccinated At The Same Time For A Daycare Procedure To “Protect” Them From Getting This Illness That Is Spreading In The Pandemic Happening Right Now (June 2013), But Instead They Both Broke Out Into A Allergic Reaction Called, “EXZEMA DISORDER”…So, The Doctors Told The Mother, Nikky Cannon, That She Must Take This Cream That Actually Made Things Worse. The Cream Allowed The Exzcema To Spread And Actually Created Another Problem. Inside Their Mouth And On Their Lips, They Had Bad Symphoms Of “MILD HERPES”….So, Mrs.Cannon, Had Heard About How I Have Cured People In The Past Of Several Different Illnesses And Disorders Of The Skin, So She Asked Me What She Could Do As An Alternative…I Replied, “MORINGA SOAP”…This Soap Is Incredible And I Know The Strength Of Moringa In General To Correct Almost ALL FORMS OF SKIN DISORDERS Happening Outside The Skin. Scroll Left >>> On These Pictures Or Go To The Above Link And See How Bad Their Disorder Had Been. Then See How Well The Moringa Soap Clears It Up. She Only Used It For Three Days Before They Were Completely Cleared Up. That Is The Miracle Power Of The Moringa Tree From God’s Natural Creation. Works Everytime. Now, Today, I Suggest This Method As Well As The Moringa Oil To Anyone Who Has Irritated Skin, Dry Skin, Acne, Or Just About Anything Even Morgellions; Which Seems To Be The Newest Underground Boil Disorder Created For Us To Get. Probably Directly Rooted From Either Vaccines, Fluoride In The Water, GMO’s, Or Many Of The Other Confounders. Please Share This Story With Others And Read Our Other Testimonials Of Real People With REAL HEALTH RESULTS, By Clicking This Link Here:

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Well Thank You For Taking Your Time Out To Email Me Linda, It Is Nice To Connect With Someone As Open As You, I Am A Open Type Myself. Well, Let Me Jump Right In And Say, I Am Not A Business Man Really, As Much As I Am Just A Young Man Who Stumbled Across A Great Discovery As I Am A Researcher Myself. But When I Discovered The “One Plant To Rule Them All”, I Was Very Saddened Or Distraught To See That Science Has Been Trying To Extract It To Make It Into A Drug. You See, You Might Be Aware That They Must Synthetically RECREATE The Compounds In Herbs In Order To MANIPULATE Them Into A Drug…Well, This Is A Very Unique Substance, That Will Not Be “Easily Manipulated”, A Stingy Plant If You Will. When I Realized What The Potential Of This Plant In Pure Organic Form Was, The First Person That Popped Into My Head Was My Very Own Father. For He Has Been Living With A Severe Diabetes Type All His Life And I Had Always Been Looking For A Cure For Him…We Say Cure, But More-so Something That Could At Least ALLEVIATE His Standard Of Living To A Procuring State…That Is Better Than Saying Cure, Because A Herb Can Work, But Initially Your Body Has To Heal Itself. And Yes, It Requires NUTRIENTS To Do So. I Am Sorry If I Am repeating Things You Already Know, But I Thought I Would Just Mention The Basics. I Do Have A GREAT DEAL Of Information On This Plant From My Website And I Am Working On A Book Right Now Actually. So I Did Manage To Convince My Daddy To Begin Taking This Plant, In A Powder Form, Which Tasted Very Strong In Flavor; Much Like A Very Rich Spinach, You Could Certainly Tell You Were Ingesting What Scientist Have Declared The Most Nutrit


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