Please If You Are A Customer Of Mine I Would Love If You Would Help Me Out By Filling Out My Healers Survey…You Being The Healy This Is Very Important, Because Most Likely The Only Reason You Trusted Me Truly In The First Place, Is Because You Hear The Word Of Mouth About How I Am Curing People Left And Right, So Now I Am Establishing Something Even More Additional With The PERFECTIONAL PRACTICE© As I Am Going To Need Your Complete And Sincere Cooperation With me Now…I Need You To Answer These So We Can HELP SAVE THE WORLD, As I Promised Before, TOGETHER. We Can Do This, I Just Need Your Help Now, Can You Help Me? It Only Will Take Ten Minutes Top..Please Just Answer And Put Your Name- Email (If You Want) – And Age- (If You Want) And What Problems You Had Before And If You Still Have Them Or If You Don’t Notice Them As Much Or If They Are COMPLETELY GONE….And Here Lets Jump Into The Rest, Lets Do This, Alright?

1.) •Energy level:

10=Excellent, 1=Poor

2.) Head:

•I am pale

•I have a red flushed complexion
•My chest has a red flush to it
•8I get headaches

3.) The climate seems to make my condition worse when:

•It’s hot

•It’s damp

•It’s cold

•Climate changes do not affect me
•It’s dry

4.) Sleep:

•Trouble falling asleep

•Trouble staying asleep

•I wake in the middle of the night
•I have vivid dreams

•I sleep more than 10 hours a day
• I take sleep medications

•I feel anxiety when I try to sleep

5.) Subjective Body Temperature:

•I have night sweats

•I feel warm most of the day

•I use multiple blankets when I sleep
•I prefer to wear sweaters

•Heat makes me feel tired

•My hands and feet are always colder than the rest of my body
•I feel chilled most of the time

6.) Appetite/Thirst:

•I prefer chilled beverages

•I am hungry all the time

•I have bleeding gums

•I have bad breath

•I am overweight

•I am underweight

•I prefer warm beverages

•I don’t have much of an appetite

7.) Digestion:

Loose Stools:

•After eating

•When I wake up

•Foul smelling

•Undigested food particles

•Multiple movements throughout the day

•Bloating Belching




•Pain in the diaphragm area

•Stomach pain

•Acid reflux

8.) Elimination:

•Frequent daytime urination

•Frequent nighttime urination

•Clear profuse urination

•Dark/ pungent smelling urination
•Known Prostate problems

9.) Skin & Nails:

•Dry/flaky skin

•Oily skin

•Itchy skin



•Dry hair

•Greasy hair

•Thinning hair


•Dry/flaky finger nails

•Fungus on toenails


•Varicose veins

•Liver spots

10.) Eyes:


•Dry eyes


•Red/blood shot eyes

•Watery eyes/discharge

•Itchy red eyes

•Loosing eye sight

•Eyesight loss

11.) Ears:


•Chronic ear infections with smell
•Sensitive to noise

•Chronic ear infections without smell
•Hearing loss

12.) Lungs:


•Worse with inhalation

•Worse with exhale

Chronic cough



•Allergy related

•Flu related

•I have lots of phlegm

•I smoke

13.) Nose:

•Nasal congestion without mucus
•Nasal congestion with mucus

•Clear mucus

•Green mucus

•Yellow mucus

•Dry nose

•Itchy nose


•Nasal congestion that occurs seasonally

14.) What season worsens your condition?:

Winter Spring Summer Fall All seasons


15.) Emotions:


•Lots of anger/short tem


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