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Eric Plott
7 minutes ago
How Did I Get So Smart? One Word…JELLYFISH. (3 photos)
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Yep I Would Suggest To Yuou Prevagen You Know What That Is? *It Worked For Me…I Was Beaten Up With A Baseball Bat To The POint Where I Didnt Know My Name…I Had A Bad Concusion. And I Wasnt There Anymore I Died Three Times And Was In A Coma There Was no Way I Would Be Smart Enough To Go To School I Had No High School Education And People Called Me DUMB – Too Far Stupid To Help. Well, I Found Nutrition For One And Stopped Eating The Garbage In The Stores- Stopped Drinking Fluoride Water- GMO’s Food Additive Foods- Processed ETC- NO SODAS…ETC Then I Found Prevagen Which Comes From A Jellyfish It Means Prevent Aging I Began Taking This one and Only Brain Supplement That Made The Jellyfish Glow It Happen To Spark Something In Your Brain That Protected The Brain Cells In Your Brain Which Overtime Meant You Would Lose FEWER AND FEWER BRAIN CELLS AS Time Went On, I Did Get My high School Diploma, Then I Enrolled Into A Local Community College And My Grades Were Good…REALLY GOOD. I Went From A 3.2 GPA To A 3.8 And Then I Enrolled In Harvard University Extension, Which Is The Same Thing … THEY ACCEPTED ME Because I Also Ended Up Becoming A Member Of Phi Theta Kappa. I Went From A Dumb high School Drop Out…To A Harvard Man In Just Two Years Of Taking Prevagen. Click This Link To Learn More: — at Plott Palm Trees.


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