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Cornell University Student:
Plott, Eric G.
∆ Classified Scientific Debunking Of The Paleo Diet. ∆ †


1. What is the message recommending or promoting?

That a diet should include fish, meat, and eggs if it is unprocessed and it is not FAT that is the problem, but too many carbohydrates is the reason why people are overweight/obese. While admitting that purine in excess (from meat and other high protein foods), can cause major health problems; they insist that if you follow a "well maintained" paleo diet that you will be just fine.

2. What problem is this recommendation intended to solve? Is it, in your opinion, an
important problem?
Being overweight is the problem that is trying to be solved, but to me it sounds like they are just trying to make an excuse to keep eating their "tasty traditionally addictive" meat, dairy (low amounts), and eggs (as long as they are free range, which doesn’t exist anymore)

•Granted this is a very important problem, for sure.
1 In 3 Get Cancer In America
33 % Are Obese
And 76% Are Overweight
In America We Only Make Up 6% Of The World Population
And We Consumer More Than 60% Of All The Pharmaceutical Drugs Of The Entire World
We Are Number One In Rape
Number One In McDonalds
We USed To Have 1 Out Of 180,000 That Would Be Born Autistic
Then A Few Years Ago That Increased To 1 Out Of 180
And Today That Number Is 1 Out Of 50
We Are Living In The Greatest Epidemic In History
and No One Is Talking About It
Because Simply The Populous Is Disillusioned Like Your Parents
You Cannot Use It Against Them
Their Arteries Are Clogged
Including Their Brain
Their Pineal Glands Are Coated And They Cannot Think Straight
Let Alone Compassionately Towards Others
Or Other Creatures Of This Planet
And The Last Thing They Want To Try To Think About Is The Planet
They cannot Figure It All Out
So They Remain Hopeless Along With Humanity
Unfortunately This Is What The Ruling Class Has Mold Out
By Design

This Is Their Agenda And It Has Been Initiated Through Many Years And Years Of Thoughtful And Progressive Propaganda.

The paleo disregards many factors such as the fact that our tribal ancestors weren’t ALL necessarily meat eaters and they would eat crickets, bugs, organic materials (twigs, leaves, etc) and whatever they could get their hands on. Primarily the fact that we are gathers simply looking at our physiology; our teeth, instincts, flat feet, stand upright, long intestines, our digestive enzymes, and etc are all 100% that of a herbivore. So, even if our ancestry ate a certain way, it would never negate the fact that those that did consume flesh or animal products were just as incorrect about dieting as we are today; and the excuse that we evolve into a omnivore or carnivore is completely insane. That is like saying if a horse eats meat and dairy enough, that one day it will never eat grass (or binge eat grass), because the horse would now prefer eating flesh, over a long period of time. This is crazy.

•Another issue that can be problematic with this diet, is that they say to limit the nut and fruit intake and to eliminate grains and legumes; which I cannot take a diet that states things like this seriously. It is as if they are such power-trip advocacy over meat consumption, that they want to attack fruits, veggies, and nuts! Now, I am not for going crazy with grains and I am not a very strong advocate of soy, unless it is fermented or used as a topping (soy sauce, etc). Regardless, even-so they are MUCH safer and easier to digest than M.E.D. (Meat, Eggs, And Dairy). I am getting really tired of hearing the organic, grass fed, or free range meat is clean hoax; no meat is even safe or healthy to consume in any form, it is cooked animal carcass that has no nutritional qualities or benefits a

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