Moringa Curing Stage 4 rare case of papillary carcinoma. On Record ~E.G PLOTTPALMTREES COM~

Post by Plott Palm Trees Girls. READ HER FIRST ARTICLE ON HOW SHE BEGAN GAINING WEIGHT WITH MORINGA HERE: Post by Eric Plott.Today is an ideal time to wat


I LOVE FAT PEOPLE HD? & KitKat The Curing The Cat Moringa For Pets Video With Salvation Secret HERE:
∆ Moringa For Pets : Animal Intragrated Health Therapy For All Fuzzy/Furry Friends (DOGS, CATS, CATTLE, HORSES, ETC) HERE:
Moringa Curing Stage 4 rare case of papillary carcinoma. On Record

"A Real Normal In The Complex Society."
• On this day fed and watered my cat our amazing miracle powder (MORINGA TEA) that has been curing everyone in my life around me. From my dad’s diabeetus, my own health issues, and my mother looks like she’s getting younger, every day. It was really neat when we started feeding Claire the cat, who I call KitKat, The Moringa Tea, Powder In Her Food, And Placed Teabags On Her Tumor; To see What Would Happen.
She is an older, cat only getting older and less active, and we are seeing her MAKE a huge turn around. She has gained weight, she is more energetic, seems like overall happier cat. And I love her for that and in general. I have an entire article written about feeding your pets MORINGA KING™ Produce Below on our PET PAGE. I also going to some other science with cattle and milk production etc.

I mentioned in this video how I love fat people… Healthy fat people, is that achievable?
Well, yes very much so, you just have to be willing to question what you were taught to believe…

Tougher than it seems, I’ll keep watching this video and find out more and more on how you can get lean, trim, and more energetic;
even find a healthy fat that’s just right for you, in the world…

I mean literally the environment when you go vegan (WHOLEFOOD PLANT BASED CONSCIOUS VEGAN),

You are literally saving the world & yourself at the same time. Isn’t that a goal worth trying to reach for.

I also talk about you Ebola disorder or disease.
I finish with how salvation can be the ultimate component that will keep you alive, scientifically even.
Amazingly, I do have an idea where I could prove or disprove God’s existence and at the same time prove or disprove science as well …
But I might touch on that some other time and I’m being serious as can be…
I also just talk and speak from my heart as you are old friend Earth man Eric is concerned as a brother’s keeper …

So, I guess I could also call this segment, "I love my cat", " I love my god and salvation", "I love my produce ", "I love my family",

"I love the world, I love nutrition, I love myself enough to HUG the world… Kind of…"

I guess, I of course LOVE healthy fat people, is there anything wrong with that… Perhaps it feels good to be fat too, what a miracle we’re healthy can be the new phat.
Then I finish for something else but I forgot what it was, oh well maybe it wasn’t that important. To come to my mind.

#the new patriot will be the one healthiest enough to survive.
The new leader will be persistent enough to thrive.
The new cause of death will be ignorance, but I bet you don’t know that it has a old wicked voice that everyone knows.

(In Case This Is Too Much In Depth Or Philosophical To Figure Out, In The Moment; I Will Just Mention What This Ending Piece Means. The Wicked Voice Is Realization Of Lies OR BEING ENLIGHTENED Spiritually. That When You Argue With Someone About Universal Factors Found In Biology, Nature, And Even The Universal (All In Between); JUST BE DIPLOMATIC Enough To Balance The Thought And Understanding That You Could ALSO BE IGNORANT OR COMPLETELY WRONG About This Spiritual Conscious Common Sense (Found And Achieved At Different Levels), That WE ALL KNOW AND BELIEVE DEEP INSIDE WITHOUT QUESTION, But Still Choose To Ignore Or Overlook, Excuse, And Even rebel Against…However, There IsAlways The NATURAL HUMAN SENSICAL OBSERVATION SKILL
(LEARN MORE ABOUT THAT HERE: And Add Me To Actually Read It)

God Has Created Within Us Individually As his Creation And Finite Universal Law, That Carries Limitless Possibilities.
All You have To Do IS THE RIGHT THING AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW…We All know This, We have Only Been Lied To Forget It…Did You Buy The Counterfeit Ripoff?
Or Did You Receive The FREE GIFT OF Knowledge Found IN The Salvation Of Faith…Faith Without Works Is Dead And God Does NOT BLESS His Children With Good Health, In The Bible It States That He Blesses His Believers With Knowledge On Health And How To Take Care Of The Body’s Temple. REMAIN CLEAN…And Remember PRAY, But Then Get UP AND DO…Don’t LET A SINGLE SOUL TAKE YOU FROM THE MIRACLE GOD IS HOLDING IN STORE FOR YOU…Don’t Give Up…You Are Almost There, If You Only Simply Believe…You Made It…Now Do The Footwork, You Are The ONLY ONE THAT CAN DO IT…For Yourself…Use The Christ Power Gift As Your Tool. Fellowship In Others Is One Courtship, Just Don’t Forget You Can Always Rely On The Deeper Connection With The Creator Horizontally To Get You Through The Most Difficult Of Trials…Life Is About Struggle After all, If You Are Not Persistent, Than What Does Smarts Get You?…When You Remain Only Sick And The Toxic-Pills And Answers Of The World Feeds You Not.

" A Place Where Living Simple in a Complex World is Normal.
Plott Palm Trees. Com"
Read More…


Everything You Have Been Told In Life, Since Day One Is A Lie…Never Go Back To Your Roots, Only Remember Your Roots; Don’t Have To Live There Anymore…You Grew Up Hopefully A Great Deal Since Then…Some People Stop Growing And That Is What You See And That Is All You Will Always Get…Plain And Simple. Question Everything And Know That What You Were First Told Was Stringed In Lies Some Way, Shape Or Form. And YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE ANYBODY BUT YOURSELF…But I Could Be Completely wrong…go Do What You Do And Do It The BEST WAY YOU KNOW HOW, Don’t Focus On Anybody Else..Be the BEST YOU Possible.
~Eric Geoffrey Von Leonard Plott~

You Cannot Consider An Unstable Person’s Views When They Are in Rage…See, It is Like Taking Advise From A Belligerent Drunk Who Is About To Black out. You Can Be Mad And Make More Of A point than A Full Blow Berserk Individual Out To Hurt Others For Trying To Control situations In Which Is Out Of Their Hands. This Would Also Define A "Control Freak"…The Actions Of A Control Freak, Is not Magic, Spell casting, Or Voodoo; It Is Something I Like To call "POWER THRUSTING"…And It Has Absolutely NO QUALITIES OF POWER UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT TO…Pray To God To Put That Holy Spirit Block Over All Demonic Forces Of Attack And He Will remove Those Wicked Thoughts Pulling you around. Have faith, For Your Kingdom And treasure Are In Heaven And Not Here On Earth.

Has Anybody Here Ever Been In Love?
We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

Go Hand And Hand And Are Just As Important
You Realize Helping Others Shouldn’t Be A Dreaded Experience
And It Doesn’t Have To Be
Just Enjoy Doing What You Do- Lead A Helping Hand Here And There To LEGIT Individuals
And We Shall Be Blessed For All The Short Lived Days That remain On This Earth
In The Meantime, Never Lose Sight Of The most Valued Investments
The Love Of Your Life Should Be the Only Thing On This Planet That You Hold With You In The Clouds
For Eternity
Which That Is How Important Love Is to Me.

Experience Love Before It Is Too Late.

Looking To Get Well

I LOVE FAT PEOPLE HD? & KitKat The Curing The Cat Moringa For Pets Video With Salvation Secret ~E.G. PLOTTPALMTREES COM ∆
"A Real Normal In The Complex Society." ~E.G.PLOTT~

See on Scoop.itMoringaSOP? What Is that

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