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From Unknown-Anonymous: READ MORE HERE: yo
∆ Cool. my buddy Eric Geoffrey Plott on FB and was beat up in the FBI raid on Camelot by three random strangers who broke into his home. He runs a online raw wholefood information clinic & is the owner of clinic; who turned me on to this. They obviously need to not be monitored what with having 100% success cure rate! they got fbi, cia everything crawling up their ass and this is the email they use. keep it on the downlow the New World government is watching his PLottPalmTrees.Com site, and all his sites which are privately owned and controlled; they cannot take his site of information down. He is the grandest whisleblower of our time, actually marketing the real truth for the first time and getting away with it. Eric Plott actually cures people and there are people claiming he is to be the first man ever to embrace and publicize the cures for all diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases as well as HIV and all the incurables. People, I don’t think take this man seriously enough, but they will soon enough have to, or it could cost them their life. He saved my life when I had chronic illness, I can tell you without doubt this man knows exactly what he is talking about…he is illuminated with knowledge from another planet
a concerned researcher
Works at Ministry of Territorial Administration

From Unknown-Anonymous
To ******* (Add contact if you know Eric Plott personally ask him & if you are a moringa tribe member you can enter the elite club with certificate found here with your name on it: )

Date 2014-03-03 02:54
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See on Scoop.itRAW PLOTTZ -Belize Subject – Eric Plott Shares Experience plottpalmtrees…

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