Moringa Miracle Soap – The Moringa Queen

BEST SOAP I HAVE EVER USED! Soap Nut & Moringa Peppermint Bar Soap, 5 ounces Large 5oz bar, weight at time of cutting the bars Ingredients: Soap nuts liquid Moringa leaf powder Olive oil Coconut oil Palm kernel oil Sun flower oil Shea butter Peppermint essential oil Sodium hydroxide


Duygu E.
Verified Buyer
I love the soap nuts.
I love the soap nuts. First i was a bit skeptical on if this natural product would really clean my clothes but it really does! It smells really good too! I also love the soap, doesnt dry my skin at all! I ll def be buying more of these priducts once they run out
Ken L.
Verified Buyer
Loved the soaps. Very "green"
Loved the soaps. Very "green" and also lather better than expected. Would definitely recommend.
Anita M.
Verified Buyer
I don’t even consider buying
I don’t even consider buying any other bar soap. This leaves my skin soft and smooth and feeling of refreshed. I love it. would not use any other bar soap.
Verified Buyer
I really love these products.
I really love these products. They meet or exceed all my expectations.
JIm C.
Verified Buyer
This Soap Nut & Moringa
This Soap Nut & Moringa Peppermint Bar Soap is Great Soap. I have had Acne
prone skin since I was a Teen Ager and this soap really helps. If you get a Break Out it clears it up within a day or too! It is Fantastic soap and I Love the smell it has! Great Products!
Viola N.
Verified Buyer
Love this soap. It’s kind
Love this soap. It’s kind to my sensitive (and kind of old) skin, and I like the zip the peppermint gives it.
Verified Buyer
I’m a very happy return
I’m a very happy return customer for the Soap Nut & Moringa Peppermint Bar Soap. It’s the ONLY hand/body soap I use anymore. It’s just lovely and refreshing and doesn’t dry my skin out (or irritate my skin — I have very sensitive skin, too!). Highly recommend this product and Moringa King™ Products! My orders are always processed and s

hipped very quickly and arrive in perfect condition!
loraine l.
Verified Buyer
best bar soap i ever
best bar soap i ever used
Patti J.
Verified Buyer
Lurve this soap! It’s the
Lurve this soap! It’s the only soap I use for bathing. Doesn’t dry my skin out and it feels and smells so refreshing!
Diane B.
Verified Buyer
Nice pleasant scent, but best
Nice pleasant scent, but best of all, it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized!
Kim Bishop
Verified Buyer
This soap is fantastic!
I bought the soap when I ordered soap nuts after all the rave reviews. I am so glad I did! I love everything about it. I also take it out of the shower when I’m done so it will last longer. I have psoriasis and extremely dry skin and this feels wonderful on my skin. I love the texture, scent and how clean and fresh I feel after my shower.  

I’m going to order some more so I don’t ever run out. I wish Moringa King would create shampoo from this soap that was in liquid form.
Verified Buyer
Love this soap!
I tried this soap with the idea it was a one-time splurge. How wrong could I be! My husband and I love this soap – for its wonderful sudsy lather, the scent and the way it leaves your skin feeling. It is now a "must have" item in our house.
I followed another reviewer’s lead and tried washing my hair (medium length, half grey) with it… It works well, so I’m continuing to use it for half of my shampoos. (Use another product to tone down the yellow in my greys once a week.) As the earlier reviewer noted, it does seem to be bringing life back into my brown strands, which is wonderful. My hair had gone rather mousy with the encroaching greys. Good product – highly recommended – congratulations, Moringa King!
Verified Buyer
Smells awesome.
I just love this soap. Lovely light scent. I take it out of the shower every day so it lasts me at least 3 months. It may seem expensive, but I only need 4 bars a year.
Alice T
Verified Buyer
Wish I would have ordered more the first time.
Love it and am going to be ordering more. Wish I would have ordered more than one the first time.
JS in Fl
Verified Buyer
Makes my skin feel very nice
I have very dry skin and this makes it feel very nice and clean too. I like that it is non toxic. The peppermint smells very nice and invigorating.
Tom Wilkin
Verified Buyer
It does all the ad says it will do.
Sell your stock in Ivory soap.
Verified Buyer
Moringa soap nuts & peppermint soap bars
I have been using my first bar in a soap bag and feel as though my skin is much softer and moister than it was before.
I have already placed another order for extra bars so that I do not run out.
Verified Buyer
great fragrance
Love this soap and the smell. Smells clean and fresh and washes completely off. I just keep my soap outside the shower. lasts a long time if you do that. feels great not putting any chemicals on your skin.
Verified Buyer
It helps my dry skin!
I am on my second bar of the soap nut & moringa bar soap. After a few showers I noticed my dry skin bumps on my arm were going down. I still have the marks, but the bumps are almost gone! I love the smell of this soap, not overpowering at all. I have been using it as a shower/ shave bar and haven’t had any issues. .I did try it in my hair a few times and while I did not like the way it felt when it was wet, my hair was soft when it was dry. I won’t continue to use it as shampoo though. I also suffer from migraines and other similar bar soaps have made them worse, but this soap does not. Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially those with dry skin.
Verified Buyer
Great for skin irritations
I use this soap daily and wish I had it with me on vacation. I was in Virgin Gorda, BVI in July and got what I thought was a skin reaction to jelly fish larvae from swimming. I developed an intensely itchy, swollen skin rash on one ankle that did not improve with gel made for jelly fish stings. It only improved after I put triple antibioti

c ointment on it and washed with the moringa peppermint soap. In two days it had cleared up. I will take some soap with me next time.
Martha in Memphis
Verified Buyer
Refreshed in Hot Memphis!
This soap is wonderful. I use it with a nylon mesh "poofie" in the shower. Gentle on private parts…(the Moringa bar seems to have less peppermint than the Soap Nut bar) and is rosacea friendly (there is a slight gritty feel to the soap, so I lather the bar in my hands and then apply the soap to my face). Keep the bar in the sturdy,  handm

ade soap holder and never have a gloppy bar of soap again! ALSO, not mentioned by others, this soap really tackles body odor…and works well with the mineral salt deodorant stone.
Verified Buyer
Great soap!
It is refreshing and rinses so clean! I have not used a soap for years due to allergic problems and this does not make me itch. Living in the desert the minty tingle feels oh so good!
Verified Buyer
Great Product, Use for Shampoo
We use this product for shampoo and washing faces. We would use exclusively for body but hate to waste it, so to speak. I think we will use exclusively. My head doesn’t itch any longer, I have to wonder if I was allergic to what is in standard shampoos. We wanted more natural shampoo with fewer chemicals. It has made my silver/gray hair  

more manageable and much softer. My hair is darker, maybe the other shampoo was bleaching my hair. We will keep using this product, we love it.
Go Cowboys!
Verified Buyer
I love this soap!
This soap is so rich and and lathers so good. I love the smell and it wakes me up in the morning shower. Not too strong but just right. It has a minty coolness you can feel on your skin. Does not irritate my private parts but does cause a minty tingle. I buy these 8 at a time so I don’t run out.
 Dr. Mariano A. Parks
Verified Buyer
Cleansing, Refreshing and Healthy
For the reasons it has soap nuts and moringa ingredients, the moringa soap with peppermint is cleansing and refreshing in an extraordinarily invigorating way. Although I can not profess the soap as some kind of cure, it has so far reduced much of my body itching, which other soaps seem incapable of addressing. I wholeheartedly give this pr

oduct 5 stars.
Brenda H.
Verified Buyer
Wish I would have found this soap earlier.
There is nothing I don’t like about this soap. The smell, texture, and lather are wonderful and it reminds me of a soap that would be in a spa! I will buy this again!!
Tree of Life Massage Madison, AL
Verified Buyer
Better than Zum
My wife actually made soap for a spell so she knows a little about it. We have been fans of Zum for many years and have purchased it primarily until….we just discovered the wonderful Moringa Soap at Moringa King™Products. It has a wonderful exfoliating quality which was a nice surprise for my back & arms which does help smooth out ro

ugh and dry sin. Nice soap. Also was cut w/ groove so we are able to stand up vertically on dish to minimize moisture and extend life of bar.

Verified Buyer
The only soap I will buy from now on!
I love this soap. I love the clean smell it leaves on my skin. Very gentle on my face. Really outstanding product.
Verified Buyer
I just keep ordering!
For sure don’t want to run out of this soap! Leaves my skin soft and clean. I have several bars in my linen closet & the peppermint makes it smell soo good! Love that there is nothing in this soap to cause harm. No chemicals! I use it in a wash bag & it REALLY cleans my heels.
Verified Buyer
Simply a great product!
I have almost finished my first bar of this soap, and have ordered 2 more. I struggle with Rosacea. I can easily break out with adult acne, so must keep my skin really clean. But that can result in my mature skin becoming red and very dry. Not with this soap! My skin is very soft, without redness, and blemishes are kept to a minimum by the


bacteria fighting moringa. I am very pleased with Moringa King Products.


Verified Buyer
A Keeper
Soap Nut & Moringa bar soap is a healer and cleanser. A soap that both my husband and I like. Thank you.
Cindy J.
Verified Buyer
Great product!
Have been using this soap for about 2 weeks. I have difficulty fighting staph and easily succumb to deep acne cysts. I have to be careful to not over-cleanse, causing dry and irritated skin. This soap is marvelous. It helps to eliminate bacteria from my skin. Has already cleared up a recent break out, but has left my skin soft and moisturi

zed! Very, very pleased! Definitely will continue to use. Read Less
Mary H.
Verified Buyer
My skin has improved tremendously.
I absolutely love my Soap Nut & Moringa Peppermint Bar Soap! I don’t think I could live without it. My skin has improved tremendously. I use it daily on my face and full body. It smells great, is refreshing and softening to my skin and so healing. Thank you Moringa King Products for this amazing soap!
April R.
Verified Buyer
Love this soap!
I love this soap. It makes a ton of thick rich lather and leaves my skin silky smooth and moist. Noticeably better than before I started using it. This soap makes me feel,,, dare I say it,,,sexy!
Jill M
Verified Buyer
Soap was soft soft soft
Like it a lot
Air Force Member
Verified Buyer
I read about moringa in a health journal and stumbled upon this site for the tea. I gave the soap a try and use it in a mess soap saver. I live in Colorado in dry high altitude. With this soap, my skin is soft and never dry. I introduced it to a friend who gave it to her son to try for his eczema. We all LOVE it! This is now a permanent st

aple. He hasn’t had a breakout since using it. I can’t rave enough about it. Read Less
Julie P.
Verified Buyer
1st time buyer
I love The soap nut & moringa soap! My skin feels so soft.
Verified Buyer
Great soap!
This did not leave my skin dry, it rinsed off well and smells good. It does melt quickly and I kept it out of the wet soap dish.
Judy R.
Verified Buyer
Soap was soft soft soft
Great for the skin ,my skin is so soft now.
My favorite soap!
I’m still buying this soap and keeping spare bars in my towel closet. I love cleaning with this soap bar. Soap Nuts = AWESOME, Moringa = AWESOME, Peppermint = AWESOME! It just doesn’t get any better and THIS bar soap does not dry my skin out like commercial soaps do. Highly recommend this product.
Jerry Hubbard
Verified Buyer
Love, Love it.
This soap leaves your skin so clean feeling and soft. Love it. Will be ordering more.
Brenda King
Verified Buyer
Lots of lather!
I love this soap! It lathers up so quick and lasts a long time. It does not dry out my hands. Love it, as I do all your products.
Patti Johnson
Verified Buyer
I never want to run out of this soap!
I love this soap! I keep a bar at my kitchen sink (using the adorable little ceramic vertical soap dish that I got from The Moringa King) to wash my hands. I keep a bar in the shower. And, I keep several spare bars in my closet. I never want to run out of this soap! Leaves my skin soft and feeling wonderful! The scent of the soap is subtle but so, so l

ovely — love the hint of peppermint!
Margie Fisher
Verified Buyer
I Love This Soap!
I buy these in quantities of six at a time or more, so I never run out. It’s the only bar soap I can find that not only cleans well, but doesn’t cause rashes for myself, family and friends. It’s the best! And to make sure that I get the best value for my money, I bought the vertical soap dish. It really extends the life of the bar soap!
Verified Buyer
Nice soap.
I don’t use bar soaps because they irritate my skin and leave it so dry. After using the moringa peppermint soap my skin felt clean without the usual soap film feel that I would feel after using other soaps.
Verified Buyer
Great Soap – strong peppermint though
Love this soap. It works well for me, except the fragrance is way too strong (for me anyway). A little less peppermint and would have given 5 stars because I LOVE moringa! 🙂
Verified Buyer
Good Product
I like the moringa peppermint soap with vertical soap dish. It has a nice minty but not overpowering scent. It seems to clean my skin well without leaving behind residue or drying it out. Will buy more soon.
Verified Buyer
Good soap
I’ve been using this only about 3 days to shower and wash my hair, only problem is it irritates my private areas,but all of the rest works. I have dermatitis in my head and hope this soap helps nothing else does.
Patti J.
Verified Reviewer
The Only Soap I Use On My Body!
I first tried the Soap Nut & Moringa Peppermint Bar Soap in July 2012. Since that time I have become so addicted to this soap and now it’s The Only Soap that I will use when showering. I even use it wash my hair, sometimes, too! It’s gentle, doesn’t dry my skin, exfoliates and smells heavenly. I always keep an extra bar or two in my bathroom pantry. Thank you TheMoringaQueen.Com for another great product! 🙂
cathy p.
Verified Reviewer
I really like this soap. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed. The pepermint is not to overbearing and I really like that. I usually try to use all natural soap and this has met all my expectations… and more.

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