THE BEST: Most Succinct & Detailed Message For Curing

I Still Had A Fast Pace Life Of Events Happening Still, For Instance The Harvard Dean Noticed What I Was Doing, I Ended Up Getting Accepted In Harvard University, Right Around This Time With All This Success And Up’s, There Is Always Going To Be A DOWN To Balance things Out; UNFORTUNATELY. I Never paid much attention Or Made A BIG DEAL About My Tumor, Though I Was Lacking Energy And Depressed All The Time, I Was Just Managing To Get Through The Day…On Off Days I Could Sleep Till 3 PM With No Problem; I Had “ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, And Bipolar”. I Was Diagnosed And On over 7 Medications For These “Disorders”.


This Is Dedicated To You, A Great Deal Of Work Went Into This•MUST SEE- Help Make This MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL Go Viral- I Want You To Share With ALL FAMILY-FRIENDS AND PEOPLE AT RANDOM YOU KNOW This Video Link- IF YOU LIKED AND THINK IT IS LIFE CHANGING.Kindest, Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott ~E.G.L.Plott~Very Detailed Instructions for Water Fasting and DetoxificationWater fasting is nature’s oldest natural health cure. People fast for spiritual reasons, mental health benefits, emotional healing, and physical detoxification. Learn how you can safely and effectively perform water fasts ranging from 1 day to even 40 days.In this 90 minute instructional video you will learn how water fasting can help you. The video begins by speaking about how to effectively perform a water fasting, starting with a simple one day water fast and then adding days with later fasts. The length of water fasts must increase gradually at first to allow the body to adapt to deeper detoxification. Know when to keep fasting and when to stop. Learn how the body’s physiology changes as the length of the fast increases.Then the instruction moves onto the use of detoxification aids such as enemas, colonics, internal salt water baths, dry brushing, far infrared saunas and other supportive tools and techniques. Learn why stretching and mild exercise are necessary when fasting.Finally learn how to break a water fast by choosing correct foods. Understand why eating some foods after a fast can cause your body harm. Know how quickly to return to eating solid foods. Gain valuable knowledge to eliminate the fears that often arise after fasting – such as regaining weight, constipation, and low energy levels. All of this and more is thoroughly discussed in this information-packed 90 minute video on fasting. This Will Become The Impetus Of Spiritual teachings to help humanity understand themselves more deeply and transform their creative expressive in alignment with Divine Love. The Higher Self Teachings are a unique spiritual path that will align you directly with your Higher Self within, increasing the experience of Divine Love, eternal peace and creative power.~E.G.Plott~

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