Reviews – The Moringa Queen

Reviews – The Moringa Queen

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Please take a moment to visit my fundraising page:
Welcome to the Breast Cancer Action’s "Don’t Pink For Me" campaign!
Here at the Perfection Practice™ TheMoringaQueen.Com And PLOTTPALMTREES.COM have teamed up to become among the top 7 Cancer Research sites on the web. We are number#1 health providers in the Nation for our Health Wholefood superfoods which are natural healers. We have The Famous MORINGASOP Boxes which are put together for Breast cancer patients and other cancer, HIV, diabetic, Parkinson, Crohn’s, ETC Patients.
We have had Tee Spring Fundraisers in the past to help individuals who had sick family or friends who needed our MoringaSOP healing cancer boxes for free of charge. ALL DONATIONS WOULD Go Towards individuals who can produce evidence that they have Cancer (Breast Cancer) and if the funds are met we can personally ship out all the boxes to those who need it most. Help us, help you save lives today? There is no greater feeling in the world to live in your dream and work together to save one person at a time, and get healthy at the same moment.
This is not about business here, we just happen to be a business that has Raw Wildcrafted Produce and superfoods that can reverse Breast Cancer and we are not getting proper funding by The AMA, WHO, Or FDA to show that our Raw Superfruits and Veggies really do have effective properties at healing all aliments if taken seriously enough. We even have multiple hundreds who will stand by us and tell you that it has worked for their chronic illnesses.
The problem being a Harvard Medical researcher and Plant based Nutritionist from Cornell University, is that I know that there are 27 Institutes of Health and NOT A SINGLE INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION. We Believe At The Moringa Paradigm™ That If There were to be a Cure, It surely is found in Nature and we are presenting all the BEST POSSIBLE Protocols found in nature and using The 6 Paths of Naturopathy and Basic Herbology to mix certain compounds that are actually backed by science to give you a more natural result of healing, that is even more effective than Chemo or radiation and Surgery on record.
Why Not give Nature a Chance? We Are One with it, but have we forgotten where we came from?
Please help donate, and you can be confident that your money and contributions are LEGITIMATELY Going To real research to find a cure. I want everyone to be healthy, so by all means put me out of business; so I can rest on my hammock in Belize.
From one Cancer survivor to you, LETS DO THIS TOGETHER SO WE CAN ALL BE FINE!
Thank you So Much For Your Support and Love, We have reversing Major diseases for years and I am just sadden by the fact that not all can afford our amazing Produce boxes to get the nutrition and antioxidants that are needed to thrive and overcome the boogey monsters in the body.
If We Meet our goal everyone that applies from all areas of life will be given a FULL YEARS Supply or more until they are seeing results, until funds are exhausted. We can Help millions of people, don’t you want to be apart of the REAL DEAL Cancer Research?
Cancer Survivor Due To MoringaSOP,
Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott
Harvard Med. Researcher.
Plant Based nutritionist: Cornell University.

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