Michelle’s Fresh Passion Fruits, 1 Dozen

Michelle’s Fresh Passion Fruits, 1 Dozen

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Michelle’s Fresh Passion Fruits, 1 Dozen$89.95–$289.95 $49.95–$189.95 http://www.themoringaqueen.com/shop/michelles-fresh-passion-fruits-1-dozen/ Product DescriptionThe fragrant, jelly-like golden colored flesh of this tropical fruit is sweet-tart in flavor and filled with soft, edible seeds. Fully wrinkled when ripe, whether eaten fresh, or as an extra special ingredient in sauces, drinks, desserts, and frozen treats, the exquisite flesh offers the exotic flavors and heady aromas of distant islands. Named for the bloom of the passion fruit flower, youre sure to fall in love with Melissas Passion Fruit. (12 Passion Fruit) Add to Wishlist SHAREFresh Blended Raw Super Powders SKU: 465854343854865675. Categories: Herbal Powders, Raw Produce Boxes. Tags: 1 Dozen, Michelle’s Fresh Passion Fruits.DescriptionAdditional InformationReviews (0)Just at the right peak of ripeness! How I loved them! I love passion fruit.. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and could never get enough… now I am in Alaska… so obviously I have been deprived. I have had passion fruit from Hawaii and the Caribbean… this is good stuff! By MAD on January 28, 2013 YUM!Passion fruit was perfectly ripe and delicious. Lots of seeds, but I like seeds.By L. Probstein on April 20, 2014 Perfect Verified PurchaseDelicious!!!This is the second time I have ordered these passion fruits. They were delicious. Delivered quickly. I will buy again for sure. An excellent juicy sauce to add to any fruit dessert!It tastes as good as the fresh fruit ,which is amazing for a canned product!Loved it! Published 19 days ago by S.Speakmanthey quickly responded and provided an excellent replacement. Very…The first order had a few issues with it, however, they quickly responded and provided an excellent replacement. Very happy. arrived fresh and cold. Loved it! Published 3 months ago by Pearl They were amazing! Published 5 months ago by andrea wystrach Five StarsPublished 4 months ago by Leslie Mcvickar Awesome Published 6 months ago by Richard HuldischFive StarsArrived as scheduled…Delicious…Strong Recommendation It was fresh and wonderful to eat  

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