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The Kazweh

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One Of My Favorite Parts Of The Trip, Was When I Played The Bach Grand Piano At The Princess Hotel In Belize City, Belize And I Didn’t Realize How Long I Was Playing For. It Was Many Hours Once I Looked At My Watch, But I Gave It My Best; As I Always Do- Then As I Hit My Finishing Note After The Crescendo . ..I Had The Entire Restaurant Section & Waiters All Applauding My Unexpected Concerto And All The People That Were Eating Their Meals, Stopped To Give A Standing Ovation To Me. I Was Almost Embarrassed For I Just Unleashed So Much From Inside And I Feel That Energy Was Certainly Given Back To Me. I Did Feel Very Special And I Will Never Forget A French Woman Coming Over To Me And hugging Me, She Mentioned That I Sounded Like Chopin…So It Was Thankful For Being Able To Give All Myself, To So Many Strangers And Have Them Give Back Something That Was So Rewarding For My Soul In Return…True Thanks Giving Experience ..It Was A Form Of Love… It Is Called Acceptance. People From All Diversities Expressed Love Energy: Chinese, French, Belizian, Canadian, Turk, Canadian, And Even American Were All Standing To Show Me That Same Love That I Displayed In My Passion To Play Music… My Passion.. LOVE EQUALS ACCEPTANCE, PATIENCE, TOLERANCE, AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. ~E.G.Plott~ #REAL Album Coming Soon Of The Live Album For The Belize Movie Coming Out Soon On Youtube And For Purchase Through SoundCloud Records.

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