Antone Candido June 19, 2015 at 2:57 pm

Do you sell Moringa by the ounces? I have limited funds.And how do I order on your web site?. thanks. Tony

We Sell Moringa By Portions of a Pound and Pound per Pound Measurements. We Also now sell the RAW ORGANIC TREES AND YOU CAN EVEN BUY YOUR OWN MINI MORINGA FARM! You Can Order The Powders•Teabags•Veggicaps•Extract Drops•BULK and more here. Simply click the options bar as you scroll mid-way through our product pages, you will see different options. Then once you select which one you wish to order, the price will show up and if you are ready to process the order; simply ADD TO CART. You will be taken to your Cart and you can check out, if you are not ready to checkout, simply click on a different category such as: MORINGA, HERBAL POWDERS, ESSENTIAL OILS, RAW PRODUCE BOXES, ORGANIC SHOP…And Continue with the same process until you are completely ready to finish the order. Then you will want to just CHECK OUT, Which we accept PAYPAL Methods, where you can also use DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS As Well as Gift Cards, Even if you don’t have paypal. -Rudimentary questions like NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP CODE, ETC will need to all be filled out. -Once this phase is completed fully, we will be prompted after order payment has been processed and received. -Your order will be processing as fast as humanly possible. Most smaller orders will take less than 48 hours to get to your mailbox, other bigger more proprietary processes could take 1-3 weeks TOPS to get to you. Average delivery rate is about 3-5 Days. MORINGA CAN BE FOUND HERE:

Sourced through from:

See on Scoop.itRAW PLOTTZ -Belize Subject – Eric Plott Shares Experience plottpalmtrees…

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