Cure for HIV

Moringa Queen, Testimonials From PlottPalmTrees.Com Productions, Cure for HIV. OR READ BELOW COPIED… •Dear Eric PlottPalmTrees Farm,

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        Yang Ho Cho 2 months ago
        I never believed in spells,not until i contacted this great man. I’m Yang Ho Cho,the C.E.O Korean Air-flight. 1. I’ve been on Drugs since 2007, I was tested HIV+. 2.Due to some Family Issues, I had misunderstanding with my wife,and we went separate ways. But as i speak now, I’m now HIV-FREE, my wife is back with me and we are very happy again. I’m Very sure this Man can help every-one with HIS/HER problems.To me there is no problem that Dr.Plott can’t fix. I know Eric has posted that he does not like to be called a doctor, because he has not received his degree in medicine yet, but the man has helped educate, save, and put his neck out on the line for many millions of people in his young life. Thank you Mr. Doctor Plott for helping me a year ago when I needed it most, you may not remember me, as I know you help many people online for FREE, of course you sell your products, which are truly miracle products and only those who give you the time of day will ever discover that. I urge that everyone all young and old, and sick or healthy just give this man the time of day and explore this young mans discoveries and mind with his well presented videographies, publications, and actual documented proofs. Harvard and Cornell should keep this man close, because there only walks a great legend such as this every so blue moon. Continue your great persuits in saving the world Moringa King miracle man. You are the true real life medicine man, if there ever were such a thing, it has been my honor to have gotten to know him personally in this lifetime. You are genius, never stop, NOT FOR NO ONE. You will be the one that saves the world. And if no one was around to thank you…I am here to tell you first, thank you for saving us all from Greed, you outsmarted them all…evil that is.Again thank you for saving my life from HIV. I know you have saved my hundreds from cancer, diabetes, and the list goes on, if you were to publish it publically, they would either kill you or shut you down, stay quiet for the moment and use your knowledge to help those are willing to be saved from the fire…from death of their depart.

        Yang Ho Cho,the C.E.O Korean Air-flight

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