My Dad And His Diabetes GONE?

My Dad Cured his Diabetes with Moringa

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was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus just two years ago and always seemed very healthy,

there had to be something we were all missing.

I have always been a “health nut” par se, but as I researched about reversing diabetes naturally,

I found this other less followed path; I thought I never would have dreamed

I would be where I am at today, a full vegan that is. Thanks to movies like Forks over Knives and People like Dr.Campbell’s study, Dr.Gregor, And Gary Youroski on Youtube.

It really is difficult to break a disillusion that could have been placed

on us through social engineering at a very young age, but I am a realist and I use natural sensical observations in my daily affairs.

If you research who I am, you will see that many of my scrupulous studies corrolate right along with the China study, which is why I had to take this class. So far I really am enjoying Cornell University’s Plant Based Nutrition class.

I look forward to learning more about how I can really efficiently conduct a vegan, plant based diet properly, if not already doing so. I feel great already, as I used to deal with depression and I have taken many health supplements in the past, after discovering and research what Codex Alimentarius was,

I know now that we must get our nutrient vitamins from bioavailable sources of live enzymes,

such as whole foods, as Dr. Campbell would say.

I researched a miracle plant called Moringa (and I am not giving medical advice here) and I grew it natural organic form and discovered it could REVERSE diabetes, cancer, and over 300 different diseases; so I gave it a shot, the drugs were only helping kill my dad.

I grew it, because I knew that the health food store bought supplements is nothing of the same as nature’s whole food and wild crafted; as well they blanch and heat up most supplements killing them ).


I am not here to push my business, but I began a business actually selling this plant in whole form & several other forms since all parts of the plant are edible; it is referred to as a miracle tree. I owe the word an explanation of its powers, because it cured my dad of diabetes in under a month, doctors were shocked to see his blood levels were perfect, he hasn’t been on his insulin shots in over a year and a half now ( ).

This is a Overview a year ago…

read the update below this

My Story -Click To Read

I am still working on getting him on a plant based diet, he is getting very close, and his diet has changed dramatically since I shared with him the China Study

and many of Dr.Campbell’s videos online.

I even promote this course on my website, because I want the whole world to wake up to seeing a different perspective.

One thing I know is that a person can NEVER change if they are never given a reason to, so I make it my life to share my dad,

Geoff Plott, and his life change with nutrition. CLICK HERE TO ADD HIM ON FACEBOOK AND TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT FOR YOURSELF!  (Tell Him I Sent You)

I mentioned the Moringa Tree, simply because nothing in the Plant Or Animal Kingdom comes close to the nutritional content of this one plant;

it was declared the plant of the year in 2008, by the National Institutes of health for being the Most nutrient rich and anti-oxidant plant known to man.

See on Scoop.itMoringaSOP? What Is that


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